Leftism destroys beauty (before and after pictures)


This degradation of natural female beauty is a crime against humanity. Our society is truly sick when it encourages dysgenic behavior such as women purposefully making themselves uglier. In earlier times this would’ve been a death sentence, this is only possible now because we live in a time of extreme abundance (pros and cons to everything I suppose). This stuff is sad to see. A friend of mine’s daughter is on the same path unfortunately, he and wife are good people and it’s a bummer to see it go down
Why anyone would willingly turn themselves into a freak show is beyond me. At least they are removing themselves from the gene pool.

I don't agree with Islam in the slightest and at any level. But in the event of an Islamic military invasion, the one silver lining would be that these types would be disposed of quickly and violently.

Abelard Lindsey

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would deliberately "uglify" themselves for any reason what so ever. It is simply unfathomable to me.


This is what happens when you have no Basil Ransom to whisk a woman away from the feminist harpies.


Abelard Lindsey said:
I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone would deliberately "uglify" themselves for any reason what so ever.
It's a reflection of extreme inner-pain and self-hatred. This is also why these women often see-saw between two extremes, passing through this freakish hedonist phase and then winding up in 'detox' with a strict religion like Islam (see Sinead O'Connor and Lindsay Lohan). BTW, speaking of Lohan, she seems to be up to her old tricks gain. Once an attention whore, always an attention whore. Regardless of either extreme you're dealing with lost souls here.


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The future is scary with pieces like this on the bio-Leninism chessboard. Forget BLM. Each Democrat will have one of these with them everywhere they go. Challenge them and they will wheel out their creature and say your challenge is violence against the most unfortunate creature in creation.

The Overton window has shifted dramatically in the last few weeks. There are essentially only a few small, mostly liberal islands that are speaking out. These are all news/current affairs outlets, independent of the mainstream.


This may be bad <snip>
These pictures really prove that trannies are literally Frankenstein monsters sewn together from various body parts. No wonder they off themselves so often, imagine looking in the mirror every day and seeing that abomination of science staring back.

There but for the grace of God, folks. There but for the grace of God.


In part two, the Lithuanian skeleton guy shows how healthy he is by pressing his palms together behind his back. He's only eight years older than John Stossel, but look at the difference between them.



^^ That before and after is sad, tragic, and disturbing.

Men, we seriously must assert the antidote to this madness! The world will eventually be covered in ugliness if things keep going in the same direction!

Pursue beauty, with a woman who pursues it as well! Make beautiful children!

This mind virus that causes people to embrace ugliness or attempt change their sex is orders of magnitude more terrifying to me than the 2020 strain of the flu. I fully support shutting everything down until we can eliminate this mortal threat to humanity. Once it is eradicated, we can slowly open things back up on a case by case basis.