Leftists Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Men

Dan Handler

Here is another reason why listening to love songs is illogical:

A quote from the article:

The music must cherish a false idol such as romantic love or the notion of fun.


There's nothing wrong with romantic love or romantic content in songs. Love is what God wants for us. So why would you think this is a bad thing?

A woman who falls in love with a man doesn't care about his status in life. Therefore, love triumphs over hypergamy. It is the solution to what we see these days where women marry only for money, status, and looks. Removing love songs from our society only serves to make women concentrate on the superficial things about a man.

It's ridiculous to point to male singers who sing romantic music and say that this is somehow bringing down society, because like I pointed out before, this has been going on since the beginning of time.

Its more a notion that Romantic Love sanctifies sex that is the problem:

But on the other hand those romance songs encourage Men to act like Simps rather than Men. And being more masculine is more attractive than being a Simp.


I knew it was the libtards that were responsible for faggy love ballads.

This all began with the (((()))) takeover of the music industry in the 1920s.

Will Williams said:
Lesley Gore's first and most popular hit, 1963's "It's My Party," remains her calling card today. Her voice became the quintessential sound for youthful longing, and she recorded several other hits throughout the 1960s, including "Look of Love," "Maybe I Know" and "You Don't Own Me." Gore was later nominated for an Academy Award for "Out Here on My Own" for the film Fame.

Gore could not have begun her music career with a better team behind her. Her first single, 1963's "It's My Party (And I'll Cry If I Want To)," was arranged by famed Brill Building songwriter Ellie Greenwich and produced by Quincy Jones.

Yes, who knew in 1963 that it was Jews, homosexuals and Negroes like these that were creating the silly "pop" songs that were resonating with White American teen girls back?

Source: Colorado's Jew Governor Marries His Boyfriend - White Biocentrism

Romantics are SJWs who value feelings over logic:

rooshv.com said:
Combined with the fact that SJWs also trump feelings over logic, it’s clear to see how romanticists were proto-SJWs, whose idiotic ideas are just what the enlightenment needed to complete its destruction of tradition.

A Jew even introduced the triangular theory of love to emasculate men by elevating their oxytocin and lowering their testosterone:

rooshv.com said:
Jewish psychologist Robert Sternberg proposed the popular triangular theory of love, which is often used today as defining the love ideal. This theory has caused immense harm for stating that all three forms of love are needed in equal measure for a successful relationship.


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Other Christian
There are 3 trends of cultural feminization being promoted by the Left to lower the testosterone levels and intelligence of men:

there is a trend of metrosexuality going on among men starting in the 2000s. More and more men are dressing in girly styles of clothing like pink shirts, tight pants with bright colors, pointed shoes, getting girly haircuts, getting cosmetic treatments, reading sappy romance novels, listening to and singing sappy love songs, watching sappy, romantic TV shows and watching sappy, romantic movies.

Hipsterism: hipster music and culture are introduced in the 2000s and the vice as far as fashion is concerned goes to a great extreme: people now wear constrictive clothing such as tight shirts, tight jeans, tight ankle socks, and pointed shoes which can chafe skin, strain muscles and fascia, raise blood pressure, cause blood clots, damage nerves, and lower testosterone by inhibiting blood flow to the testicles.

During this time the Hipsters also promote pseudo-healthy foods like whole grains which are full of gluten and soy which is full of xenoestrogens, goitrogenic compounds and polyunsaturated fat, all of which are anti-androgens that can lower testosterone. With the Hipster music, which is as feminized as the Hippie love ballads and soft rock, being played all the time in public places, radio and TV stations, and music and video streaming websites, hipster clothing being sold on all clothing stores, which can lower testosterone, and pseudo-healthy testosterone lowering foods like whole grains and soy being promoted as part of a healthy diet, the feminization through testosterone reduction has begun.

Transsexuality: this is the most extreme trend of all: men are getting their genitals chopped off, dressing in women's clothes, taking anti-androgens, taking estrogen, and calling themselves female.

Transexuality is only a minority of people regardless of it being promoted. The mainstream is only trying to appeal or at least try to be polite to this group because of the SJW dominated media and politicians. I think you forgot to add environmental estrogens, the promotion of veganism and other testosterone lowering diets and drugs.