Leftists Promoting the Feminization of Culture to Destroy Men

Here is another reason why listening to love songs is illogical:

A quote from the article:

The music must cherish a false idol such as romantic love or the notion of fun.
There's nothing wrong with romantic love or romantic content in songs. Love is what God wants for us. So why would you think this is a bad thing?

A woman who falls in love with a man doesn't care about his status in life. Therefore, love triumphs over hypergamy. It is the solution to what we see these days where women marry only for money, status, and looks. Removing love songs from our society only serves to make women concentrate on the superficial things about a man.

It's ridiculous to point to male singers who sing romantic music and say that this is somehow bringing down society, because like I pointed out before, this has been going on since the beginning of time.

Its more a notion that Romantic Love sanctifies sex that is the problem:

But on the other hand those romance songs encourage Men to act like Simps rather than Men. And being more masculine is more attractive than being a Simp.