Legal avenues to resist mandatory vaccinations and passports


I suggested this idea in another thread and it didn't seem to receive any feedback one way or the other so I took it upon myself to create this thread. My hope is that this thread will act as a comprehensive reference for information regarding how we can use the legal system to resist or at least delay mandatory vaccinations and accompanying surveillance. Using the language and apparatus of hypocrites is often an effective way to expose their fraudulence, and as long as we claim to be a society of laws which protects the interests of its citizens, I believe that we must wield the weight of the law in our favor as much as possible.

I ask that links include at least a summary of the relevant information. I invite the perspective of legal professionals or those who have consulted with them.

I'll begin with an article I read today which discusses the legal ramifications of mandatory vaccines. The most encouraging passage is as follows:
Mandates for COVID-19 vaccines face an additional legal obstacle because FDA, so far, has only granted them emergency use authorization, Efthimios Parasidis of the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and Aaron S. Kesselheim of Harvard Medical School explain in a Health Affairs article. The emergency use authorization provision of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires informing individuals of their option to “accept or refuse administration” of products authorized for emergency use and the consequences of refusal. Parasidis and Kesselheim argue that the provision’s term “consequences” seems to refer to the health consequences rather than consequences imposed by governments or employers. Based on Parasidis and Kesselheim’s interpretation, the provision would prohibit vaccine mandates based on emergency use authorization alone.

Note that this article appears to slant in favor of mandated vaccines and is affiliated with an Ivy League university.

Regarding religious exemptions, the relevant statute is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:

What is a “religious belief” under Title VII? The EEOC states that religious beliefs include theistic beliefs (i.e., those that include a belief in God) as well as non-theistic “moral or ethical beliefs as to what is right or wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views.” The EEOC refers to religion as typically concerning “ultimate ideas” about “life, purpose, and death.” The agency has stated that social, political, or economic philosophies, as well as mere personal preferences, are not “religious” beliefs that are protected by Title VII. [1]

Therefore you must tread very carefully when claiming religious exemptions, but note that vegans have successfully refused mandatory vaccinations by invoking this statute. Specific verses from scripture might be relevant information to contribute to this thread.

The full article can be found here: and also discusses exemptions based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Note it is from November 2020.


I'm interested in this thread, but if we're being honest "resistance" to this is going to have to take the form - at least in part - as actually fighting the physical means and implementation. Spraypainting cameras, destroying whatever device is used as a QR (or whatever) scanner at restaurants and the grocery store, etc.

Make the actual, practical enforcement techniques impractical, make the path of least resistance for a business (or a bus driver) to be to just let it go, not my problem, above my pay grade, etc.

This doesn't help with, e.g., international travel but that's a whole nother can of worms. Start by focusing on your local environment. Distributed chaos against the infrastructure of this system is crucial. I sabotaged the infrared temperature scanners I saw at the gym and at a butcher shop I was visiting for the first time. The one was a box that looked like a old computer tower that I just tipped over a bit, the other had a glass on the front that I stuck a sticker against (post office has stacks of priority mail label stickers just sitting there, take a bunch and keep them with you). The first one I may have actually broken, the second one is just a temporary measure, but if this happens a few times eventually the business owners will just say f-it, not my problem, too much headache.
Mass awareness of rights will at least slow things down.

For example, the threat in the UK of a GBP2K fine if you don't get nose raped twice following your return... total BS.

They can't force you to do that, no way, especially as other options exist.

Vax passports ARE discriminatory. Crowd funded class actions have and will work.

They do have the power to steam-roller over your rights, but only so far as proportionate to the threat. A flu with a 98.8% survival rate doesn't come close.

I'd say enough people are waking up now that this could work.

There's already a crimes against humanity suit out there.

It just takes someone to make a start and it could snowball.

On that, why not RVF?

Great opportunity for earned media Roosh.

(On a similar note, George Gammon has started a crowd funded law suit to sue the Fed. A good way to get off'd, but similar principle.)


They dont have to outright ban you but instead make life hard and bring it about over time so it is normalised. See the post-9/11 world.

Fines, restrictions, police presence into your life, exclusion from society through friends and family.

Communists and fascists didnt start genociding their enemies on day one did they? It takes time and patience and they have lots of that. But unlike the 20th century we now have big data, big tech and bigger government and law enforcement which can and will invade your private life even if you try to stay 'off grid'.

I wouldn't pin your hopes on the lawmakers becoming enlightened and offering a glimmer of hope. These same lawmakers have surrounded themselves in a protected bubble behind guns, fences and razor wire and claim its over some sort of insurrection.

The same can be said for any Western nation. The people in power are too insulated and loving the power trips.


What's the point of playing a rigged game?

I believe the point is to bring about a swifter conclusion to the charade. Once there are enough sound legal challenges, they will no longer go through the motions of entertaining them. They'll say "look, we tried to do this nicely but we're no longer a society of laws. This is the new order so deal with it." In the short term it may buy you some time, but ultimately it will bring us to the endgame. In other words, make them just saute the frog instead of slowly increasing the boil over the span of years. Expose the charade for what it is so people can choose sides and take action.

How can one opt out of the rigged game? Should we just give up without exploring every opportunity we have to resist?


Here are some examples of groups using legal and legislative action to fight killer virus related tyranny (sometimes successfully). These are groups that I'd like to support, and I consider sharing information about other groups of this type to be a productive use of this thread.

Reopen New Hampshire -
Ohio Stands Up! -

This is a worthwhile video that describes how Reopen NH packed the state legislature with sensible representatives and passed legislation ending the state of emergency. Also discussion of the relevant legal issues.

There are three types of vaccine exemptions in the US: Medical, religious, and philosophical. As you can see from this map, most states have the medical and religious exemptions, with some also having the philosophical exemption. This issue typically pertains to having to get your kid vaxxed for school, so idk how this would apply for the covid vax.

If you can't go the route of the philosophical exemption, see if naturopathic doctors are licensed in your state. Naturopathic doctors are typically anti-vax, and if they're licensed, you may be able to get a medical exemption from them that counts just as much as one from an MD. If the naturopaths aren't licensed in your state, then I guess you're gonna just have to resist as best as you can, or find an MD who is willing to give you an exemption. There are a lot of MDs who go the more naturopathic route in their practice, so its still a possibility to find one that would give you an exemption.
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The only way to successfully fight the system is in the collective effort. Our strenght is in numbers. If every person does something (whatever they are good at) to throw as many wrenches into the machine we will stand a chance. It's easy for them to get rid of leaders but when everyone is a nuisance they will have a big problem on their hands and no prominent targets.