Leonard D Neubache Appreciation Thread

A respected poster according to everyone but still probably the most underrated (in my opinion).

LDN's a few life cycles ahead of me, but his observations are relevant for men of all ages. He's an undeniable forum luminary and a pleasure to call a fellow Australian, especially as our home country is becoming a veritable shithole of feminists and white knights.

His humor is second to none and I will never forget his ill-fated attempt to timeline Jean Valjean's six-dimensional life.

This recent post was an absolute corker and will kick off our LDN-themed festivities:


Leonard D Neubache said:
I suppose it's not to anyone's benefit to simply go back and forth over why intervening in a situation like this is a bad idea. It's more helpful to explain the why in detail. This forum typically approaches the nature of women in relation to sexual manipulation one way or another, but there are other facets of their ingrained behavior where it's important to understand the nature of women so you don't get blindsided with bad outcomes for "nice" behavior.

What I'm going to go into here is stuff that a lot of guys understand on a basic level yet without having an appreciation for the nuts and bolts level of how it works.

My experience in this field is drawn mostly as a guard who had to deal routinely with issues of domestic violence and female mental health issues in health care settings. This has been complimented by the mentorship in these issues of the older guards who I foolishly dismissed as fossils until I was proven wrong often enough to accept reality.

I'll open with the big premise.

Women do not do "gratitude" except where it's a convenient entry to gain the continued patronage of someone they're sexually interested in.

This is not limited to saving them from a violent encounter. We are generally painfully aware here that an ugly man who changes a flat tire for a woman and a handsome man who does likewise will receive two vastly different responses. The handsome man will be showered with praise and offers of future rendezvous while the ugly man will have to suffer the woman standing silently and awkwardly to one side as she fidgets, desperate for the horrible ordeal to disappear in her rear view mirror.

For most women in any stage of fertility there is no such thing as gratitude. Only an opening to gain sexual access to a suitable set of genetics.

The second part of this equation is arguably more cruel.

Women are biologically driven shut out men they owe an obligation to when that man is not considered to be sexually suitable. Worse, they will actively seek to harm that man's social standing in order to "get rid of him" rather than suffer his continued proximity under the burden of a debt they don't wish to recognize.

Hear me, young pups, as I tell the tale of two guards. One as ugly as sin, the other an Adonissian vision of male charm. Several damsels found themselves under duress. A vicious, drunk cad was attacking their booth at their place of work. The ugly guard arrived first on scene and bore the lion's share of the peril in restraining the attacker. The gorgeous guard arrived second and merely provided support to finalise the matter.

Who got the credit from all these women? You guessed it. But worse. The women soon began to find agreement that the ugly guard who had long since been accepted as benign in his patrols suddenly took on an aura of creepiness, such that a request was made to management that the creepy guard should be left to patrol outside while the gorgeous guard patrol the booths.

That, gentlemen, is how female gratitude manifests itself.

Moving on.

When faced with a violent encounter a woman's first reaction is to secure her survival. "White middle class men, save me!"

What most men don't understand is that the very second survival has been secured, a woman will instantly mentally re-arrange the event to preserve her tribal alignments.

Did that go by you too quickly? Again.

The very second survival has been secured, a woman will instantly mentally re-arrange the event to preserve her tribal alignments.

This is why police will save a woman from being stabbed by her deranged husband and she will provide a report mere minutes later that the police busted in and assaulted him for no reason. Not only will she says this but she will believe it down to her core.

You can bet on it again and again and again and you will not be disappointed. If a woman has to choose between telling the truth and protecting "her tribe" (even if that's loosely defined as progressives-plus their human pets) then she will lie until the end of time to protect her tribe. She does this effortlessly because her tribe is intrinsically linked to her ego. It's a survival mechanism that ensures she places her own children above everyone else's, even if her "child" is a 6 foot "unwell asian man".

These are not principles on female modus operandi. They are iron laws.

Respect these laws and account for them or suffer the consequences.

p.s. If you wonder now what the difference is between white-knighting in the 50's and white knighting today then the million dollar question is this.

Does the woman I'm trying to save consider me to be part of her tribe or a factional enemy?



Leonard D Neubache

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Now I might finally get that raise, or maybe even a corner office overlooking Langley Fork Park (yes, I had to google it).

Moving up in the world, baby.

I sure as hell appreciate the sentiment, DG, no matter what comes of it.

Winston Wolfe

Leonard D Neubache said:
If you're under 30 and you haven't somehow fucked your life up beyond all recognition then the world is still your god-damned oyster.

Sheeeeee-it. I may be happily married but if I never went down that road and instead found this forum at 27 then I'd be a very happy fucking camper.

Any man that pulls his head out of his arse and dedicates himself to finding, taking and living the advice contained in this forum has no limits to his personal growth.



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Sir Leonard D Neubache

Some from my library of advices from LDN:

Leonard D Neubache said:
Learn phrases like "what can we do to cheer you up?"

It's the shorthand way of saying "I want you to feel better but fuck me dead if I could stand listening to you whine about your 1st world problems for the next hour so what's a more time-economical solution."

In many ways women are assholes. They want to be comforted but the fact of the matter is that this is what betas and other women are for. Do you want to be demoted to beta orbiter? Don't worry. It wont happen all at once. The sex will simply be shittier and less frequent over time until she senses your frustration and either tries to get pregnant, cheats on you or dumps you out of the blue.

Married guys like me have a slightly different tack to play, but that's a whole other thing I wont get into here.

Do not play Dr Phil. Take her out. Get her drunk. Fuck her hard enough that she forgets the world exists for a while.

Leonard D Neubache said:
My experience has come through the following transition.

Beta: Check out chicks, get caught, accidental eye contact, look away, experience shame, no pussy.
Alpha: Eye contact ASAP, when she looks away you check her out, dominance, no shame, get pussy.

The longer she tries to hold eye contact the better the outcome if you succeed in beating her(obviously you don't want to look like Samuel Jackson in the gif above. It has to be alpha, not psycho gamma). This counts ten times as much if she's wearing a low cut top with cleavage. Make no mistake, it's a control mechanism and women are not attracted to men they can easily control. It's almost a simple filter for alpha males.

Low cut top and he still goes to the eyes first (tits after)? Obviously the guy has frame and serious self control. Opposite? Instant gratification impulse = loser 99 times out of 100.

Leonard D Neubache said:
Better to be mysterious than to lie.

"I don't discuss my business dealings."

"I left that life behind."

Etc. Etc.

Da wimmins love to imagine shit, and if you leave a mysterious blank and pull it off then they'll start subbing in wild romance novel bullshit where your regular boring life exists, and you've never actually told them a lie.

And believe me, they like it like that. Playing pretend is fun for them.

Leonard D Neubache said:
Never give advice to those types. But you might get somewhere asking questions. It forces them to think.

"What do you want from women?"

"Uhh companionship..."

"You would abide a sexless relationship? Forever? No sex ever?"

"Ummmm. Well....."

"So sex is a factor. You want sex. There's nothing wrong with that, right? It's part of a healthy relationship?"


"Whatever you're doing is not leading to a healthy relationship or sex, is it, technically speaking?"

"Obviously, no?"

"Is the world a fair place?"


"Are people rewarded for doing what is right?"

"Rarely or never."

"So do you want to complain about it being unfair or do you want to win?"


For whatever reason, women do not respond positively to un-masculine men in the dating market. You have two choices. Become a masculine 'good guy' who is rewarded both for being masculine and being good, or remain an unmasculine 'good guy' and martyr yourself forever. Do you think martyring yourself helps those women who inevitably end up with masculine 'bad guys'?"

"No. I suppose not."

"Then despite the fact that masculinity 'shouldn't be requisite', do you now understand that the world is not a fair place and that we must sometimes behave in unconventional ways *coughvomit* in order to secure both a good outcome for ourselves and the people we want to help?"

Of course I wouldn't bother building logic-cicuits with betas unless I had a vested interest in their future. It's the male equivalent of being Captain Save-A-Ho.

Leonard D Neubache said:
Training a woman is like training a dog. Words are by and large meaningless. You have to use positive and negative feelings to influence future behaviour.

You have to associate negative actions (as perceived by the master) with negative feelings (as felt by the dog or woman).

My dogs know that when I click my fingers that they had better drop what they're doing and pay attention. They have learned this because I have taught them that if they don't respond in that manner then bad things will happen.

In the case of a woman, simply doing something that snaps her out of her good feeling (flirting) and shifts it into a bad feeling (knowing she fucked up and you noticed) is what you need to do to maintain the master/servant relationship.

Of course, unlike a dog you can't clip her behind the ear in public, but you can still wash her rebelliousness out with other negative outcomes like a sudden start and the fear of uncertainty afterwards.

Let's take the situation you were in. Out for a walk and she IOIs some guy. Put your hand up near her ears and click your finger loudly. As she becomes startled bring your hand forward and point to something of the vaguest interest that you're apparently looking at. Now she's completely unsure of what the fuck is going on. Did he just catch me IOIing that guy? If so, why is he pointing at that guy riding a bike? What the fuck just happened?

Tell her something that's just a little bit odd, and leave your tone a little odd too. Something that will leave her once again wondering just what the fuck happened. Something chatty yet nothing that you would normally click your fingers in her ear to draw her attention to so suddenly. "I used to have a bike similar to that one".

Then pretend nothing is out of the ordinary and move on with your day. You might be well served to remain just a little aloof to retain that gnawing sense of dread she's feeling at that point.

She will have no fucking clue how to react. She can't bring up your odd behaviour because it's tied to the IOI she doesn't want to admit to, and so her hamster will be doing laps for days.

Did he realise?
Did he correct me?
How do I know?
I can't exactly bring it up, can I!

In doing this you will replace the giddy thrill of her IOIing other guys in your presence with a gnawing dread that conjures up this 48 hour hamster trip she embarked on last time she pulled a stunt like that.

Most importantly you will have done it without being dragged into her petty little game of "chase me" where your actions are openly dictated by her misbehaviour.

Dogs and women. You just gotta get inside their heads and fuck with the wiring.

Leonard D Neubache said:
I was hoping to pick the brains of the experienced fighters here. I read an article written in response to the London stabbings and this bit stood out.

4). Learn to be violent:

This is why I am not impressed with the majority of martial arts training. Too much sport. Too much esoteric spiritual stuff. Not enough violence. We need more "martial", and less "art" - as it were. I expect that today, the Monday after the London Bridge attack, the martial arts schools in the UK (and USA) will be filled with eager soccer moms and football dads (cricket-moms and rugby-dads?) looking for the easy solution to this problem. And they will be taught esoteric stuff intended for the "perfection of character", or stuff developed for winning a match somewhere.

What they need is to be taught to physically destroy their opponent, crushing windpipes, smashing skulls, breaking bones. The "real karate" that so few schools even understand much less teach. But again, see item 1. I have trained in hand to hand stuff since I was ten years old and I would prefer to not face against a knife empty handed.

Having all my life been conditioned to resolve even physical disputes with an absolute minimum of force, and given that the vast majority of training in this regard is given with total deference to the potential of causing a training injury, it's my experience that modern martial arts training can actually inhibit your ability to do what is absolutely necessary in a situation like the London scenario.

The story of the "martial arts expert" (a broad concept, but ok) getting stabbed in the neck somewhat twinged this issue for me.

I've known more than a few guys with tons of belts and fancy dojo titles. A newspaper reporter might well describe them as a "martial arts expert". But these guys were seriously lacking in basic aggression. And I'm not saying this because they didn't run around picking fights. They didn't carry themselves with a Steven Segal type of quiet but menacing professionalism. To be honest, most of them were flat out sooks and looking back I have to wonder if they were always like that or if their training literally turned them into soft-contact soy.

The way I see it, Martial Arts are a force multiplier and if there's little to no underlying force then you're essentially multiplying zero.

So what I'm getting around to is this. Do you guys still have access to your cave-man zero-fucks-given crush-the-tribal-enemy killer instinct? If you were at one of these events and an attacker came through the doorway with his back to you, could you legitimately bring yourself to use the most deadly option available to you with your truest full force?

If so, how does it figure into your training if at all?

Leonard D Neubache said:
I've known some fairly ugly dudes that couldn't swing their dick in a crowded room without fucking three women. Those SOBs had game.

Here's the thing. You can be good looking without game and snag a girl. You can even close with a little luck. In fact, you could probably get that girl to commit to you temporarily because she wants to parade you around like a prize poodle in front of her friends. Meanwhile she'll get you to pay for everything and provide you with starfish sex every now and then until the revulsion of being in proximity to something that only looks like a man forces her to cheat on you and treat you like shit until either you leave or she genuinely hates you so much that she actually dumps you (for nooooo reeeeason boo hoo!).

Game is what gets your dick in her ass and her mouth. Game is what puts her on her knees then her back then her feet then her hands then up against the wall. Game is what gets her in lingerie. Game is what gets her to bring a friend.

And game of course is a part of everything else you do in life, from getting good service to negotiating the best deals.

Pity the fool who has looks but refuses to learn game. He might be seen with gorgeous women but behind closed doors he's quite miserable. And his looks will fool him into thinking that he's successful with women when in reality he's barely gotten a peek into the sea of sexual conquest that man can plunder.

If I had to choose between looks and game I would choose game every time.



Leonard D Neubache said:

I think the first time your wife sees you shoot an animal, hang it to bleed out, skin it and gut it without blinking she probably puts divorce out of her head.

Leonard D Neubache said:
RawGod said:
A thought that's struck me recently - think about how hard it is for a man in Australia to express socially conservative values - to be anti-gay marriage, to say that men should be the breadwinner, etc. Think about how in urban Australia others will come down on him like a ton of bricks. A guy in an office in Melbourne or Sydney CANNOT say those things if he wants to keep his job and not be a pariah.

If he's white. If he's brown and Muslim and expresses those ideas? Those same critics won't say shit.

If you start wondering why, that is the red pill.

If you can't beat 'em, troll 'em.

Several times I've laughed during a little political correctness session at work. Of course the harpies fix on me, thinking they're on for an easy kill.

"What's so funny", they ask?

"Sorry", I reply. "I'm not allowed to say. It's against the law."

"No really, seriously, what's your opinion?"

"Sorry", I reply. "I'm not allowed to say. It's against the law."

This completely fucks them. They don't get their little stasi dopamine hit, either from hanging you out to dry or forcing the public acceptance of their narrative. You're not even technically disagreeing with them (even though you are in practice). You're not defining what kind of bigot you are in essence. It leaves them with nothing to grapple with or bite onto, and at the same time it makes a mockery of their little anti-free-speech laws.

I did this to my PC inner city sister once. She loves lecturing people and trying to belt them with her half baked intellectualism.

I told her we could resume the conversation when the laws no longer prohibited me voicing my point of view.

Man, she went apeshit. :laugh:


Leonard D Neubache said:
Now I might finally get that raise, or maybe even a corner office overlooking Langley Fork Park (yes, I had to google it).

Moving up in the world, baby.

I sure as hell appreciate the sentiment, DG, no matter what comes of it.

It's 2:40am in Tasmania now.
Do you ever sleep ?

Leonard D Neubache

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4 full hours a day. Whether I need it or not.

Not even kidding.

But you're right. It's about time to hit the hay.

p.s. I almost forgot. Big announcement tomorrow. Tune in, Mercenary. You wont want to miss it.


Forgive me for derailing the thread a bit but I was always curious how the whole debate at the "starbucks kicks out two guys" ended...maybe it was moved to a private thread or just in personal messages...just curious...

For what it's worth Leonard's thought are very very much like those of my father! I respect him for that!

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The quote from LDN in the OP is really excellent. I started the thread it was posted in and thought it tied things up nicely. Can anyone explain to me why the mixed feelings toward him?


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This is one of my favourite Leonard posts:

Leonard D Neubache said:
Latinopan said:
Rocket75 said:

The different is in the ingredients, men and women products not just labeled different, they have different level of ingredients, many mens products don't work on women and vice versa, try a women deodorant and go to the gym, it wont protect you.

Take a look at the location of the shot. She's not at the shops.

So here's what's happened. She's noticed this little irregularity in price and checked the ingredients. As she checks them off one by one a giddy little thrill begins to build in her diseased mind. Her eyes dart left and right to ensure that no other feminists have noticed her. They might steal the scoop!

She hurries to the checkout and places the two bottles at opposite ends of the rest of her groceries. Hopefully the woman working the register wont notice and post this injustice on the internet before she has a chance to. IT WAS HER FIND, DAMNIT!

The bus ride home seems to take forever. An eternity riddled with paranoia. Did the cashier notice? That bitch was probably in the break room right now posting "her" discovery on instagram, and probably doing a terrible job of it! She probably wasn't even noting that the ingredients were precisely the same, leading to speculation over the truth of the matter. By the half hour mark her own post would be lost in the storm of conjecture!

Finally she arrives home. She dumps the rest of the groceries unceremoniously in the hallway. THAWING HAAGENDAAS BE DAMNED! SECONDS MATTER! She sets the bottles up in her bathroom, ensuring they're arranged perfectly. With dedicated care she takes the shot. The lighting is all wrong. DAMNIT! It will have to do.

On her way to her macbook she nearly trips over mister mittens. He's hungry but bless his poor cat soul, he'll have to wait. There are bigger things at stake.

She waits the interminably long time for the device to boot up. It's as if the patriarchally designed device is trying to thwart her. ARRRGH. PATRIARCHY!

Finally she's able to log in. She brings up the image, hastily adds the words to it and posts it in record time.

AHA! Take THAT partiarchy!

She waits for the wash of grateful messages and righteous anger in support of her revelation. There might even be a boycott, and it would all have started right here, with her! This kind of misogyny cannot be allowed to stand!

A comment arrives!

"then buy the one for men, you stupid cunt."

I wish I could like this 50 times.


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Careful what you wish for, you just may get it.
Leonard may resort to using a whole host of "Aussie" slang etc...

"Sweatin' like a gypsy with a mortgage!"
"Busier than a one armed brick layer in Baghdad." :laugh:

I don't really give a flying fuck whether LDN is an undercover agent, alien, or Illuminati. The guy is dropping pearls of wisdom and you better collect them before this forum ceases its existence. The scope of his knowledge is all-encompassing, and I have never witnessed him backtrack on his beliefs. I would definitely grab a beer with this guy. I think the Family sub forum is his poster child which was born as a result of a rift between LDN and Samseau, who embody pragmatism and spiritualism respectively.