"Let's Go Brandon" is Five of The Top Ten on iTunes

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This whole thing is unleashing a large torrent of authoritarianism. I think this is only healthy, as this seems to be waking people up to the extent to the mainstream's increasing insanity. Liberals are out in droves saying "Let's Go Brandon" is terrorism. "The President should not be disrespected." While people are dredging up the same people's profanity towards Orange.



This is liberalism/leftism in a nutshell. There are rules, in which everything good is allotted to them and theirs. You don't even get bad stuff. You're just a terrorist who must cower. These rules are nice. Don't believe this then you are also a terrorist and all the other bad things they like to call people. These acts of defiance to that system are what is driving them insane.
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Rap is trash.
A lot of rap is trash, but basically rap is a form of poetry. Some rap lyrics are clever and have good messages and some are fun and positive. Will Smith has a lot of fun rap songs without cursing. Bryson Gray's songs are serious, but they have a lot of red pill messages. I also like that he can rap without unnecessary swearing or using racist terms.