LGBT brainwashing of children


That means the church has been subverted by Satanic forces. Maybe the pastor knows it, or maybe not. I would suspect the church is run by a homosexual and know fully well what the flag represents. Regardless, a church with that flag is knowingly and openly promoting homosexuality, which is directly against the teaching of the bible. Those churches are Christian in name only.

Funny that the first church also focuses on the skin color of the pastor. If they are so 'inclusive', why focus on race? Also, why use 'white' or 'black', wouldn't European-American or 'African-American' be more appropriate? Is this church implying that only whites are welcome or is this to ensure that those who hate whites will not accidentally attend?

I bet most in this same church would be horrified of a man marrying a 16 year old woman and getting her pregnant in the first year of marriage or a non-Islamic male having 2-3 wives (all in a consensual relationship), but 2 men engaging in a 'loving relationship' is perfectly cool. I wonder what God would think is more appropriate.