Lindsay Lohan is Now a Muslim


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Has anyone watched the MTV Lohan Beach club show? It seems like she is trying to be the new Vanderplump rules. Has anyone actually visited her beach club in mykonos? It looks interesting to visit.
Just what the world needs...

Another show where all the guys are vaguely gay and all the women are hot but have dumbshit names.

On Lohan: Legit feel bad for her - she was clearly pimped out from a young age (think 6-7) before she knew what was going on and it fucked her, and now she's too damaged to score drugs for free.
I've never watched Vanderplump rules or the REal Houswives but they seem overly staged and produced. I guess its free publicity for the restaaurant and free advertising. I think they just like to produce the Drama and over-act to create conrovtersial episodes. The Lohan show is kinda stupid. One Black girl actually slapped another mixed girl right in the face, and Lindsay refused to kick the black girl off the show. Talk about condoning violent behavior. It was a strate up slap and not some hair-pulling. I think Lindsay just wants to get crazy people so that they can improve ratings. But I doubt she will get a 2nd season. On the show they also have 2 gay guys who have already kissed. Another girl is recycled from the REal world and Challenge series, guess the RW/RR people can't find real jobs so they have to keep going on the MTV productions.


Had the stomach flu the last few days. I was feeling like trash and wanting to watch trash.

I'm 8 episodes deep in Lindsey Lohan's Beach Club.

TLDR: Don't waste your time.

Lindsey's hardly in it, and has a camera filter washing her rapidly aging, drugged out, Thousand-Cock-Stare face away.

None of the girls are even hot! Every person on this show is "bisexual", "bullied as a kid", or is a ghost.

They focus the first 7 episodes on 2 competitors and their "relationship"!

It's almost as if the the show was picked by a girl who has no girl friends and a homosexual asshole.

All Lindsey does is show up, obviously not sober, and say awkward things to people.

I'm fascinated at how bad it is. It's by no means "so bad it's good".

But it's a trainwreck because of it's disarray and arbitrariness.

There's no rewards to anything. No "competition". All decisions are based on emotion.

Just like a woman.

Take Episode 7. As of that episode, they had introduced 3 new people, fired 1, re-hired that 1, then fired another.

It was at that point I asked: how many episodes are they going to have?

I don't think it's going to have an end.

And I'm not sure who would want to win.

Who would want to work for this shitty boss?

Her beaches will go out of business before the final episode airs.


I think the Mykonos Club is already closed and the signs are removed. Maybe she decided not to renew the lease. But she has clubs in Athens and rhodes in buildings that she or her partners own/lease. I think the Mykonos beach was a temporary space.


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Those kinds of Greek island businesses usually run from June through September, unlike in Tenerife or maybe Ibiza which have more yearround action.