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Re: Reaction Score, I agree with Leonard that the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty high. It's probably not a big concern, but anyway I think taking the total reactions of a member's profile page that have been left by other members and then displaying that somewhere visible would be a great in-between. Basically putting profile posts & reactions in their own category, similar to the previous system.

As an example, I'll use newcomer Magnus Stout. This cat doesn't post a ton, but he has dropped some really high quality posts. His profile page has a comment by 911 which has been 'liked' by 3 other members, and a comment by Magnus as well. His "profile reaction score" would be 4, as it wouldn't count his own likes or comments.

Reaction Score, as it stands now, is more of a quantitative measure of activity or engagement rather than a signal about the user, where as profile posts are much more qualitative in nature. E.g. 500 likes across meme posts might result in a few profile reactions, whereas a meet up or one solid data sheet would also lead to a few reactions a piece. That's a better signal-to-memes ratio & the qualitative aspect of a member is more clear.

Anyway, it's not a big deal. I like the new system & hope it stays, but maybe "profile reaction score" can be added somewhere as well for the reasons mentioned by Leonard. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.
Your videos should have a speed and ideally subtitle option. I watch things at 2x speed normally. If you want to be ahead of the curve try offering 3x ;)


Maybe an option of rank required posting on topics if you post a thread ?

Kinda like a QA filter ?
Sparrows can't comment on XYZ thread but robins can

That's an idea


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Been travelling and reading on mobile.

I keep asking myself, did I just open the clown world thread?