Live and Work Abroad with the Luxury Hotel industry


I spent a good chunk of time in hospitality, pretty much part time during college until i hit 25. Somehow landed a management gig at a luxury resort hotel in Japan a winter ago.

Veloce your right. The line end staff have the best jobs, minimal responsibility, little work place politics etc; they also earn not much less than management. My 2 hospo jobs as manager basically put me under direct line with the owners, which places a huge pressure on you to conform to whatever sort of person they want to be the face of their establishment. The last place was owned by a syndicate of gay Australian millionaires (not a joke). Having dinners with them i had to clue myself up on pretentious wines and luxury watches to fit the mould (as if anyone could give a shit)..

Server jobs with good tip potential seem to be the best option. I knew guys who bartended in resort town restaurants and hotels making arround $60k for 3-4 nights work a week. Although their jobs are hard to get a hold of, as no one ever wants to leave them.


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The OP of this thread randomly messaged me the other week on whatsapp to tell me that he’s at a hotel job on a luxury island where rooms go for $1800/night, I won’t say the exact country to respect his privacy but it’s in the Indian Ocean near Africa and looks like a pretty amazing place to be based for a few months. Good job bro!


I'm really happy for the OP. As someone who's doing kitchen work (as a dishwasher, but I still do prep and talk shit about gastronomy with the small crew we have) I can definitely see myself using it as leverage abroad. It won't make me rich, but the fact is I'm young, have the experience, and think I can handle it. Once I get my degree, whatever I do, I know that putting in the time in this industry will help me out long term whether in terms of building character or getting my foot in the door at a high-end restaurant or hotel. The guys I'm working with, oddly enough, told me they left their 5-star hotel gigs because they weren't cooking unless it was a set menu. Is there any way to pivot from BOH to FOH work when going abroad with these companies? I've heard it can be very tough, but if I have to get it done, so be it.