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Anyone watch Brian Rose on London Real? I do, he's very good. I like him. He's all about self improvement, over coming adversity etc. MIT trained and, by default, very smart, he has, nonetheless, had his downs and ups. A former and recovered heroin addict, for instance. Now he's a content producer and his guests tend to take on a red pill persuasion. Alex Jones and David Ike to name a few. I think his interview with David got a ridiculous amount of views. Brian just posted a video and said its only a matter of time until YouTube demonetizes him.

Sad, yes. Disappointing, yes. Sure, it hasn't happened and anything can happen, but, we've seen this show before and know how it ends. I've always been optimistic namely because I see the potential in our new web based society for a future devoid of massive centralized information networks that push only specific things and can, therefore, push lies, such as men and women are exactly the same in every way. Unsurprisingly, our overlords have resorted to censorship as we're all aware and many, such as our dear Roosh, have endured. At this cross roads I've been optimistic but have realistic in that I admit, given the power of controlling the web and having that web being censored by a small cabal, such as the hedonists at google et al, things could go either way.

I have to be honest. I'm not all that optimistic with Brian's channel being likely removed. Honestly what has this guy done that is all that terrible? I realized as I scrolled through my Youtube feed nowadays that I'm seeing less and less individual and independent content and more mainstream. This is troubling to me on so many levels. I want nothing to do with the mainstream. I find the mainstream to be a outright abomination to all of humanity. It openly mocks and hates my values meanwhile it vehemently says it accepts all people and is against all forms of offense. Yet, somehow I am still not accepted and I find offense in everything they do.

I don't know what the future holds. The web is the ultimate decentralizing agent, but, if its controlled it can be made into the ultimate propaganda tool. Worse still with advanced analytics, geolocation technology, it knows what you've watched, what you are watching, what you will watch, where you are and connected with other data, your finances, your political donations etc etc will know everything about you.

If there is one thing the Republican Party can do it is to keep the internet free. I'd also add, despite how anti-business it might seem, break up the massive silicon valley, youtube, amazaon etc.

The future is beginning to look very scary. Is there hope? Absolutely. The history of mankind is really an account of struggle against oppression and the desire for freedom and the will of man does win out over time. Elsewhere, covid-19 as much as it looks to be an accelerator for oppression and the socialist takeover, IS disrupting conventional academia, which is the fountainhead for all the things we despise.

Don't lose hope, but, this could easily progress into the next level.

God Bless.
I've pretty much only watched his vid/s with Nick Krauser all the way through. Hilarious to see him and his co-host try to daygame.
I have watched a few of Brian Rose's videos. From the beginning, I noticed there was something off about him. I could not pinpoint exactly what it was. It was a combination of the way he was talking, his tailored suit, his questions that seemed to massage the ego of the person interviewed rather than challenging them.

After watching some more of his videos, I finally figured out what it was, what felt strange the whole time: It's that he is a scummy, manipulative snakeoil salesman, a devil in a suit who worships money as his god and shills for his behind-a-paywall content and some monthly membership freedom club or whatever he calls it. Thats right, because paying money to him gives you freedom. Tai Lopez in a suit. Similar business model as a camwhore at onlyfans. At least there its in your face, whereas London low life puts on his best salesman act and pretends to be 'anti-mainstream' to find suckers who pay him.

Bottom line: Show me a guy who asks you for money to join his online circle of losers ('community', 'elite club', whatever they brand it as), and I'll show you a vacuum cleaner salesman praying on blue-pill sheeple normie npc suckers.

I noticed he spices up his interviews and shows with anti-mainstream content that he might brand as red pill, but that is his marketing strategy as he realises 80% of youtube is male. He would turn into a feminist transgender gay advocate in no time if that would be the bigger audience on youtube.
Interesting, some posts in the old thread also mention that they had the feeling that there was something off about that guy:

I've never warmed to Brian Rose. I'm not sure exactly why, I can't quite put my finger on why he irritates me

Brian Rose is a homosexual man. If you subscribe to his email list, which I unfortunately did, you will be sent a video via email where he wears a midriff-baring t-shirt and tights and has a visible erection. I am not kidding. I wish I was.

I feel the same way, there is something slightly irritating about him. Maybe it’s his effeminate nature

The main thing that became obvious to me about him is that he is not genuine. Every single thing he says feels staged, with the purpose of guiding the audience towards his paid courses and events and group memberships and fundraisers and books and so on.

He does have a few good interviews, but even when listening to those, you become aware that those interviews are just tools to sell his courses. This guy is as real and genuine as a three dollar bill.

At least Tai Lopez has a Lamborghini in his garage.


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I noticed there was something off about him. I could not pinpoint exactly what it
I noted the same. There is a similar guy in The US called Patrick Bet-David. Again, some interesting content. I think what it comes down to is both are primarily interested in their own wealth and status. Anything else comes second fiddle and the first has a corrupting factor on anything else.

One thing I would compare it to is the whole Turing Point USA-Ben Shapiro network. I think what their oligarch backers realised is that pushing back against the hysterical left gets you traction on campuses. Then they spike it with their "free market capitalism", which is all the backers are interested in.

When there is a disconnect between a person's true intent and what they communicate there is an unavoidable dissonance. This is what's off about them.

If you watch Patrick Bet-David's interview with Jordan Peterson, you will see him on multiple occasions replying with multiple put-on answers, like "Wow. That's deep". If he thought that at some point in the interview it would be a good ideas to put on loud music and start handing out free cars to people, saying, "You get a car! You get a car!" he would.

In the case of Rose, his biggest give away is this interview wtih Teeka Tiwari:

In which he zealously engages in a crypto pump. Again, the communication is very different from their intent. The communication is we are great guys who want you to be rich and see others be successful. Their intent is to make shed loads by a select few promoters buying in before the public announcement.

I made good money on that, but I know what's going on. These guys prefer you don't know what's going on and believe their DisneyLand pitches. Just as I know my stock and crypto gains, when it comes down to it, are me having the value of other's production voluntarily distributed to my idle self. These guys make out you are hitting new heights and developing by making money at the gambler. But the only time they produce anything is when they profit or get to fluff out their gills.

These Wall Street-cum saintly self-help types are really untrustworthy.
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When I first saw this guy the saying "physiognomy is real/everything" stood out in my mind.

It's funny that gework mentioned Bet-David. First the name. Then the story (refugee?). Then the content and the type of people the guy was interviewing. All in all, it seems like these guys have this totally random backstory of "making shitloads of money" for a "hedge fund" sorta like it's this instagram world we all should just buy (Epstein anyone?). Now, that might be ubiquitous or the clown world we live in and by definition we see lightning in a bottle, but let's just say my sensors went off too.

Is that their model, get you to buy into some tiered inner circle of "specialness"? Thank God I was fortunate to have been raised by my parents, because I never even think twice about the actual interviewers beyond just being there for the person on the other end, if I even bother clicking on that video. Call it practice or spider sense skepticism, who knows. I'm impervious to such scams but I do find it interesting to come back around and see that you all are calling them out.


David Icke, Jordan Peterson are fellow gatekeepers. I don't think that Rose has had a real red piller on, or ever taken on a real controversial position. He is a bit of a sheister, for example in this short video above at the 4:04 mark he claims to be "an American puritan" who is shocked by the sexual energy of a guest, which is an obvious lie him being a homosexual with drugs issues.

Patrick Bet-David has taken more risks, done some good work with covid, like his great piece with rancher Dan Sullivan about the globalist manipulation of the cattle market and meat processing monopoly, but much like Rose he's mostly in purple pill territory.

They're not from the same cloth as a Dr. Buttar or a Del Bigtree, guys who had successful career in the mainstream media but squandered that and took big risks fighting to expose the corruption in the medical establishment, taking on big pharma. Buttar in particular was very quick to climb the pyramid ladder and identify the organized malice and nefarious agendas of people like Gates.

Guys like London Real are still quite useful as entry level purple pill providers for the normies, but they have some serious limits, and on some critical subjects might actually be gatekeepers.
I follow him a bit. Another voice of truth just waiting for the axe to fall. I thought it was cool when he mentioned InfoWars and how it really is an infowar now. And freedom is losing.