Lost Boy: The Killing of James Bulger


This is a two-part documentary on what has to be one of the most shocking and evil crimes ever committed. In Liverpool in 1993 a two year old boy was abducted and brutally murdered. It transpired that the culprits were two ten year old boys - Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.



No offence, but why on Earth would anyone want to watch something like this? What are you going to gain from it? The case was so disturbing and hellish.

Placing any kind of focus on stuff like this is detrimental to your being. Just grim.
Morbid curiosity? The fact that I am very close in age to the culprits and was at school at the time it happened. I'm fascinated with psychopathy, and convinced Thompson is a psychopath, which has actually allowed him to get on with his life. However, aye, it is a grim story and very disturbing - though so is war (ever seen casualties of a phosporus bomb?), famine (ever seen the picture of a starving child praying for food?), animal cruelty, and lots of other things. I don't watch these things for pleasure, but one should understand that our own salubrious bubble is not a true representation of the world. Evil exists, psychopaths exist.

This story is fascinating because of the tender age of the culprits. What sort of a society created them? A Western one with a relatively good welfare state. It is not material impoverishment that caused them to do what they did.


This video’s telling me I have to be located in the UK to upload the content (I’m in America). Nonethless, I well remember the story when it first came out.

I’d say it’s a good argument for once again taking seriously the study of phrenology. I think that Victorian form of medicine was wrongfully lumped with the theory of “bodily humors”—lumped with something which preceded human anatomical studies, whereas phrenology is actually based on a comprehensive comparison of a vast number of human skulls.

And tell me this—which politically powerful human entities during the Victorian era and early 20th century do you think would fight the hardest against legitimizing phrenology, if only because they themselves were psychopaths and likely to be outed by any phrenological exam of their own heads?

Perhaps members the Rothschild banking dynasty and their sister bankers behind Cecil Rhodes’ Roundtable and the founding of the US Federal Reserve?

Right now, it’s coming back. Functional MRI strongly suggests there’s legitimacy to phrenology. This, with an endless of number of almost exclusively Jewish neurologists fighting it tooth and nail—all because “it may encourage racism”.

Perhaps it would lead to a medical cure for crime, and this isn’t something the world’s most powerful criminals want.