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Lol, they didn't even take the time to change the desert cammo before sending it to the front...
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Boris Johnson wants to recreate the Roman Empire

The Prime Minister’s plan based on the Roman ‘Mare Nostrum’ would be an alternative to Emmanuel Macron’s vision for a European political community.

Boris Johnson wants a modern recreation of the Roman Empire as a way of achieving co-operation between Europe and its neighbours.

The Prime Minister set out his vision of a partnership that included Turkey and North African states as an alternative plan to Emmanuel Macron’s idea of a European political community.

Mr Macron said the Prime Minister was interested in his political community vision when the pair met at the G7 summit in Germany, but Mr Johnson said he wanted a wider grouping.

The French President wants his political community to allow the EU to force closer ties with non-members, such as the UK and the nations of the western Balkans.

But Mr Johnson told reporters accompanying him at the Nato summit in Madrid he had a vision based on the Roman “Mare Nostrum” – the Mediterranean Sea and the countries around it.

“Emmanuel has an idea, which I actually claim paternity of this idea,” Mr Johnson said.

“I had this idea back when I first became foreign secretary. My view is that we should rebuild the whole concept of … so I think that Turkey should be there, I think that Maghreb should be there, and I think we should basically be recreating the Mare Nostrum of the Roman Empire.

“That’s basically what I think. Of course Ukraine, Turkey, Maghreb, there’s got to be a role for all of us in a wider conversation about issues that affect all of us.

“I think possibly what’s going on here is that there are several different ideas.

“That doesn’t mean that they are necessarily all the same.

“I think possibly rather than inventing new structures, let’s look at building up relationships.”

Asked whether he would give a yes or no to Mr Macron’s plans, the Prime Minister said: “In so far as it is compatible with some of the things that I have been talking about just now it is worth looking at.

“There’s a role for… I think Turkey is crucial. I think the North African littoral is also a very important area for the wider European debate. Israel. Come on.”

Mr Johnson’s interest in the geopolitics of the Roman Empire could stem from his Oxford University degree in classics.

Silly Britons, you WILL be part of a European superstate and you WILL be happy!
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"RT was able to contact anonymous Ukrainian arms dealers and order the purchase of Phoenix Ghost complexes. As follows from the correspondence, the drones are offered for $4,000 apiece. Payment can be made directly on the marketplace, which acts as a guarantor of the transaction. The sellers confirmed their readiness to place the ammunition in the cache after payment and report its coordinates.
In the course of further correspondence, the journalists asked Ukrainian arms dealers if they could deliver the Phoenix Ghost to Poland, for example, to the border town of Przemysl. As it turned out, this option is possible, however, for an additional fee of $1,000.
If suddenly Phoenix Ghost does not suit you with something, this is not a reason to be upset. In the Ukrainian darknet, you can also pick up its closest analogue - the Switchblade drone in the 600th version. You can buy for $7 thousand apiece. The Switchblade 300 modification is already offered cheaper - for $4,000.
Recall that the editors of our channel continue to search for evidence of the existence of the Phoenix Spirit."

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