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Any news related to General Valery Gerasimov? There were rumors that he got wounded in may and since then he seems to have disappeared from the public view.


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Excellent analysis from a well-regarded Marine Corps Gazette contributor, as posted by Will Schryver:

TL;DR - The Russian operation vicinity Kiev was in fact a Fix/Feint, and it worked. It allowed Russia to isolate Mariupol and the Donbass from reinforcements. Since the famous "retreat," Russia has methodically destroyed UA forces in Mariupol and is now setting forth a methodical "pound and ground" strategy in the Donbass, effectively if slowly destroying Ukraine's ability to wage war.

Sounds much like we have been commenting here, and is contrary to much of what top US brass has been offering.

Well worth the read.


I would't be surprised the internationalists are planning Chernobyl 2.0.

In my world view Chernobyl 1986 was a set-up. It solidified the frame of the USSR as a backward country. Chernobyl was a state-of-the-art facility less than 10 years old. The incident was instrumental in the destruction of the USSR. And solidified the US controlled oil-based economy. It was mostly a propaganda event, the risk was minimal for 10+ years afterwards the reactors on the compound kept working and people are working there daily, still today.

Also back in 1986 there was a Jewish/nationalist movement in the Ukraine which wanted the Russians out. And I wouldn't be surprised they were instrumental in the sabotage.

Today 2022 a nuclear incident could serve the US very well. It could create a newly manufactured no-mans land providing a natural divide between the 2 powers. Push Ukraine 100% to the west. Even larger streams of refugees in Europe. Framing Nuclear as a lethal dangerous technology further pushing the solar/wind industries. It could create an unforgivable conflict further subsidizing the weapons industry and enraging the masses. Would collapse the EU economies caused by this great disaster (giving those in power a way out) and pushing the great reset.

From their perspective, risky, a bold, but not a bad move. This could very well be the next corona, the next lockdowns.

The fear mongering is on.

And the Ukranians did nuclear accident drills 2 days ago (remember the Corona pandemic simulation game 3 month before "breakout")

Gonzalo Lira reported
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The Gray Zone has interviewed disgruntled Ukrainian fighters:

“The weapons are stolen, the humanitarian aid is stolen, and we have no idea where the billions sent to this country have gone,” a Ukrainian complained to The Grayzone.​

Last month, Ukraine’s parliamentarians voted to give themselves a 70% salary increase. Filings indicate the raise was enabled and encouraged by the billions of dollars and euros of aid that have poured in from the US and Europe.

we are using our personal cars in the war, and we’re also responsible for paying for repairs and fuel. We’re buying our own body armor and helmets. We don’t have observation tools or cameras, so soldiers have to pop their heads out to see what’s coming, which means at any moment, a rocket or tank can tear their heads off.”

“In Ukraine, people cheat each other even in war,” he said. “I’ve watched the medical supplies donated to us being taken away. The cars that drove us to our position were stolen. And we have not been replaced with new soldiers in three months, though we should have been relieved three times by now.”

The first time I [American doctor] crossed the border from Poland, I had to hide my medical supplies under mattresses and diapers to prevent them from being stolen,” she said. “The border guards on the Ukrainian side will just take things, and tell you, ‘we need this for our war,’ but then, they just steal the items and resell them. Honestly, if you don’t hand-deliver donations to the intended recipients, the items will never reach them.”

[The Doctor saw] 15 trucks of supplies completely disappear
She saw the same kits for sale at a local market days later.

“There won’t be a Donbas left,” he said. “The Russians will destroy it, or they’ll control all of it, and then they’ll move on to the south. And now, as it is, I’d say 80% of the civilians who have stayed in Donbas support Russia and leak all of our location information to them.”

every day, they write that ‘Putin is bad, the Russian soldiers behave very badly…today, the Ukrainian army killed 1,000 Russians and destroyed 500 Russian tanks.’ They get a million followers on Twitter because they lie, and this isn’t real reporting.
Donbass has become a test of Russian Artillery vs. years of Ukrainian trench-work and engineer preparation,
I would say it's a gruesome endurance contest between Ukrainian flesh and Russian iron.

My understanding is that Kramatorsk is about as far west as the trench fortifications go. Can anyone confirm that?
Barvinkove, west of Slavyansk - there's more than a dozen of interconnected towns and villages along the highway between them, that serve as one large fortification.
And the city of Dnipro (if it comes to it) due to it's industrial history will be a tough nut to crack.
Other than that, the field fortifications outside of Donbas lack the industrial scale and most importantly they lack depth

If the Russians can complete their slow grind before summer, it will be a "maneuver battle" to the Dnieper river thereafter.
Too many variables to make that call. The upcoming rain/mud season puts some pressure on Russian schedule - the sooner they close the sack around Slavyansk-Kramatorsk the better.
So how is it going ?
- from the north. The exact contact line is contested but Russians already have Slavyansk in range of artillery fire.
- from the east. The Siversk-Soledar-Bakhmut line is cracking but it haven't been broken. If I had to guess I would say that we should expect a replay of the Lisichansk scenario - prolonged grind of fortifications, suppression of firing points followed up by a swift assault on those cities, but that's still 2-3 weeks of work ahead.
- from the south. The Marinka-Avdiivka line is broken in Pisky, but the remaining strongholds still offer resistance. Avdiivka won't fall in the foreseeable future, but Marinka is a different story - at least half of it is already under DPR control. Fall of Marinka will have serious consequences - think fall of Popasna level breakthrough.
- from the west. That's an enigma - no idea which road the Russians will take. Could be a small couldron, could be a large one. I think they will go with the path of least resistance, whichever it will be.

Discretion advised. Slightly graphic - blurred - content.
Marinka direction - soldiers of the 100th brigade of the DPR clear an Ukrainian stronghold
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