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Shouldn't this be in the meme thread?

Pure gold. :laughter::laughter::laughter:
Actual quote from her recently.

'Ukraine is a country in Europe... Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically that's wrong'​



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Well yesterday was a new chapter in propaganda with the Mariupol bombing of the maternity hospital.

I came across these 3 pictures. When I saw them, they just looked too "world press photo perfect" for me. There is only these 3 available, no interviews with her. Just these isolated absolutely "perfect" war shots. They are published on every news channel, saw them on BBC, CNN, NBC.

Looking deeper these 3 pictures are all the same woman.
The Russian Embassy, UK, tweeted it out. Twitter then removed the tweets.

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A Fox News show not hosted by Tucker but still airing critical opinions - how did that slip through quality control?

I'm getting so amazinly tired of people putting their faith in those fake conservative political leaders, or ''influential'' conservative figures. They've achieved absolutely nothing, they won't achieve anything, they're not ag aggressive, they're always walking behind their opponents, it's incredibly tiring to see. ''Oh but our leaders'' ''oh but we've got to maintain our freedom ''oh but long live America most fantastic country in the world'', applause, they leave, nothing's done, the treasury is being captured by the libs again. In fact they're harming the truth movement in my opinion as they form a useless layer inbetween truth and anti truth, with many people who are red pill light staying stuck in that political realm because it's not too far from the middle, so it feels good, it's societably acceptable, doesn't cause too much cognitive dissonance and mental friction hence they can sleep easily at night, thinking they're doing something good, while they're not changin nor doin anything at all.

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Many armed forces in the world are known by an acronym, like, say, the PLA (Chinese army, People's Liberation Army) or Cuba's FAR, or the IDF (Israel Defence Force)... So, talking about Israel, I've been thinking of the Ukrainian army : They should have their own acronym, too.

And so, I've started referring to the Ukrainian armed forces, as, the GPA.

Globalists' Proxy Arny. And it also works with Gays' Proxy Army.

Needless to say, it infuriates the normies... For example : "From his room at the American embassy in Warsaw, Zelensky has ordered the GPA to fight to the death, to defend Ukraine's right to host Eurovisions and Gay Prides".
Facebook and Instagram will temporarily allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russians - that's new... :hmm:



Putin said it - "US/Collective West is an Empire of Lies".

Putin aside, every Liberal claim is a blatant lie:

There are 50 + genders - LIE
Women and men are the same - LIE
Race is a social construct - LIE
Diversity is a strength - LIE
Global warming - LIE
Trans women are women - LIE
Small hats can only be victims - LIE
Michelle Obama is a woman - LIE
Fat is beautiful - LIE

And this is just off the top of my head.

It goes much deeper than that:

Atheism - LIE
Atomistic World Model - LIE
Germ Theory of Disease - LIE
All of Mainstream Economics - LIE
Democracy and Welfare State - LIE


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Facebook and Instagram will temporarily allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russians - that's new... :hmm:

They very quickly changed the headline on that.

Original - https://archive.ph/TV8DV

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They'll admit that they're biological research laboratories, but the part they're denying is the "weapons" part. Of course, when it comes to breeding superbugs, there's not much of a difference now is there?
In fact that's an important point to make, the power of semantics/language. The way things are named are so ferociously important in how the public perceives it and what narrative you can spin. For example, Edward Bernays (read his book propaganda, short read, fantastic insights) is the father of propaganda and he formed the ministery of war to the ministry of defense. Think about that for a second, what would you support? Would you support war? Most people won't. Would you support defending yourselves and country? Most people 100% would. Thing is the same, language is different, perception and result is entirely different. They're doing that too now, your example is one, the ''special operation'' according to Russia could be counted as one, but we've to be aware of these dynamics that are at play to form the thoughts in our head, so we can guard the gates to our mind.