Love, anxiety .. What now?


I read the whole thing. Not once did you mention faith, church or anything like that. You've may have been fornicating with her. In that case you've damaged her and she will not be able to bond with anyone else to the same degree. You owe it to her to find a church, an Orthodox Church, maybe somewhere in the country, and live a slower life. You've been blessed with wealth to ease her anxieties. She's not cut out for the city life, many women aren't, that's fine. She's afraid of death, there is One who can comfort her, and it isn't you, so it's best you take her to Him. Fr. Spiridon Bailey is somewhere in Britain, I'd seek him out and his congregation, or one of the ROCOR ones would be my first pick. They'll be able to help you two work out your salvation with fear and trembling.


If you ditch her, you have essentially destroyed a person emotionally, but more importantly, spiritually.




Those last few words reminded me of Sins I will need to address. I stopped dating a while back because of not wanting to hurt others (this was before following Jesus) but I never thought properly about the ones before who I may have hurt. Either way, it was wrong to behave that way and take it so lightly. Thanks for the reminder.


Sorry for jumping in there. I left a couple good women looking for something more. Sometimes we miss what has been given. Thinking about things too much isn't always healthy, we create problems that might not be there.


I'd like to talk about how you pivoted to running your own biz when Covid arrived and are now miraculously cashing out for a 7-figure sum.