Low concentration span


I always had low concentration spans. I don't think it really was a problem back then in school as it was a normal reaction to the boring and useless topics being taught.

Now it gets some troubles when I try to be productive daily. Apart from the job Is more a matter of filling the day with useful activities, such as reading.
I find myself overthinking to various things and getting distracted quite often while I try to embed myself into an activity.
For example I decide to read and after few seconds reading my mind is somewhere else. I don't know if this is normal, but I am perceiving it as a problem as I see many days not being filled as I would like to.
Is there something I can do to increase my concentration span?
I suspect it's just the way my head works. It might be positive sometimes because I end up thinking and reach some conclusions about stuff that I wouldn't otherwise, but other times I just overthink to things and it's tough focusing on other things. I try to break the activity and go for a run, but even after a run or a walk my mind gets always distracted.
It's more how my head works, but I would like to receive some suggestions, tricks to get my mind more disciplined when it's time to take on an activity.

Do you happen to have my same problem? If so, how do you manage it?

I also want to underline that even quitting distractions such as computer, phone, ecc.. my mind still gets distracted by thinking to other things.
Getting enough sleep? It makes a difference. A steady stream of caffeine is also counterproductive, so if you drink coffee regularly, I'd suggest stopping that before trying anything else.

I struggle with it from time to time, but it's usually because I get slack and let my sleep schedule slip. If I'm off caffeine and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep, I'm usually good.


1) Do you fap / watch porn? If yes, that's the first step. Porn / fapping drains you of mental and spiritual energy, making you, by nature, lethargic.
2) Do you pray daily? Prayer focuses the mind on God and teaches you concentration.
3) What do you eat? Gluttony will slow down your mental facilities. A diet high in estrogen foods will lessen your testosterone levels and your ability to concentrate.
4) When do you sleep / for how long? A man should always be asleep before midnight and arise before 9.
5) How often do you exercise? You need to exercise daily to increase your testosterone and focus your mind.
6) Do you get enough sun? If you do not, supplement with Vitamin D or a sun lamp.
7) What are your bowel movements like? If you are not regular or have loose stool, then your digestive system is out of sync. Supplement with probiotics or fibre.

If you are satisfactory on all these issues, then you need to consider things like low test, or some type of persistent infection (parasite, bacterial, or viral).
I've found internet use kills my attention span, even when I'm not in front of an electronic device. Eventually, about two years ago, it got to the point where I couldn't read a book. And I'm a guy who used to read for 40+ hours a week, given the opportunity. When I finally realized internet use was the culprit, I turned off my PC and started treating my iphone like it had leprosy.

For the first few weeks, I'd get home from work and just shuffle about from one activity to the next like a small child with severe ADHD. But my attention span steadily got longer. I just needed time to get bored, and once that happened, I could concentrate again. I started going to the library or outdoors a lot more to read, which also helped.

The problem with the internet is that everything comes at you quickly, in short segments. When you get addicted to that, long content like a book becomes long and boring in comparison.