LTR Trouble with Ukrainian woman

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@luigi You are wrong to believe that being a housewife is an easy job . If it was ; don't you think women would fight to be housewives ? They usually fight for the contrary ( to work at all costs ) because they are scared to lose their comfort ( lack of humility ) and they are scared of peer pressure ( other jealous women saying that she is lazy ; takes advantage of her man etc ).

It also requires a big mental switch and this is very difficult for most women . The big advantage for you is that this woman has been formatted very well as she seems to be traditional .

It s now your turn to be formatted and to make your part of the deal.

If you are engaged then tell her you will get married but you don't have big money for a ceremony . My own wedding cost 900 euro and was great ( it was in Ukraine though ) .

Once married you will both wait for the kid in a happy manner.


Luigi, DO NOT MAKE HER GET AN ABORTION. You will break her and its something women never recover from, no matter how much they tell themselves "its not a big deal". This is how we get more and more leftist in this world, promiscous sex, coupled with abortions that physical and mentally ruin women.

It seems it's time for you to become the man God wants you to be. You will have a kid with a seemingly nice girl, who thought you were a better provider. For now, you arent...but there are things you can do to try and remedy the financial situation. Do not go out to restaurants/bars, be frugal. live within your means and if possible, try to get a second job. Do everything possible to raise your income and start saving money.

Tell your GF that you will stay with her, and that the baby will be born, but that there will be changes. No more buying useless material things like clothing, electronics, etc. No more going out to have fun. From here on out, its about you two and the baby. Im sure that she will not have a problem with this.

You gave in to your passions and got this girl pregnant...that is what happens when we have sex. From the sound of it, she seems like a good girl and the problem here is financial. You are taking out your financial stresses on her so again, improve your financial situation and whatever you do, DO NOT MAKE HER GET AN ABORTION.


It's sounds like you're corrupting a traditional feminine woman who wants to be a mother and wife by pushing her towards careerism and this bullshit idea of equality. That's disappointing.


luigi said:
I didnt know upfront.

She told me many times how she knew in europe things are different. If i knew upfront she was going to stay home all day i wouldnt have started a relationship with a woman like this.

It's not such a bad thing. They usually meet their affair partners at work.

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I wish I had this problem --- hot, traditional wife who bears me kids and stays at home taking care of them.

I would never have even found this place if that happened to me a few years ago. LOL


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Cause in case you still dont see it (assuming this story is true) been played playa...I mean daddy



Can't say I have much sympathy for you OP.
I'm currently in the Ukraine and I'd love to have your situation.
I'm on shaky ground with a hot 22 year old, who won't commit, acts flaky, and insists on working 60 hrs a week making spending time with her very difficult.
I get loads of offers from divorced 30 year old women with kids but I'm not marrying a divorced woman and paying for another man's offspring.
I'm 45.
The selection of available single women 22 - 30, that aren't married or in serious relationship is very small.


luigi said:
I find it funny how in a mgtow oriented forum theres people ok with marrying and having a "stay at home wife" that lives a life free of charge just for being born with a vagina. I had to say it.

Being a housewife isnt that hard... Kids are on school, my apartment takes 4 hours per week to clean or less. Rest of the day just enjoy life. Oh and she will be loyal and caring to me? She is already supposed to be for the fact of choosing to be my wife, no? Same i do with her.

She has a medical degree and -says- she wants to keep the career. We will see.

And who asked about marriage, yes we are engaged, proposed before this recent conflict. Its the only thing i could complain about her.

@Roosh i didnt know that "man pays everything" applied to 100% of women in ukraine, i thought someone who wrote that thread i linked (and others) was just angry of some ex... I never imagined it would be such a drama for them.

Being a housewife is an easy job. Being a good housewife is a difficult job.

If you've got a good one then it will make your entire life easier, far easier than her earning a few dollars.

It's such a western consumerist attitude that money is the solution. Her cooking quality meals, taking care of the children and you, keeping the house maintained and making sure the whole house is a finely tuned machine is worth far more than a bit of extra money. Especially when you factor in that a significant chunk of the money that she would earn is just going to go to daycare, so you can pay someone else to raise your children, shitty meals because no one has time to prepare proper food and the health costs of this and all the other costs that stack up from an absentee household.

It sounds like you've got a good one and that you've got the problem realising it and securing it. Honestly, each time you post my first piece of advice would be to re-read what you've written, look into the mirror and think about it, your relationship issues seem to have very little to do with your wife or where she is from.


it's simple, since she got pregnant till the child is 3 years old (minimum), she should stay at home. You complain about her not working BEFORE she got pregnant. What was she doing in ukraine before? I mean, was she working?


I don't see why you'd push her to work illegally. If she got caught, wouldn't she get deported? You may think it unlikely, but who's to say it wouldn't happen?


eck said:
it's simple, since she got pregnant till the child is 3 years old (minimum), she should stay at home. You complain about her not working BEFORE she got pregnant. What was she doing in ukraine before? I mean, was she working?

Exactly. In fact, more than this.

I think it's best for the child for the mother to spend at least until they are 5 or 6 (once they are in grade 1) and only then some easy part time (10-15 hour a week) job, some 'work from home' thing like babysitting/tutoring (Russian language tutor?) OR none at all.

This would be mainly to relieve boredom and maintain social relationships at work rather than for the money. Once you subtract any cleaning, eating out/meal costs, childcare and tax you'll find you're probably better off just cutting back on expenses slightly. Not to mention how much healthier it is for children to have a mum present.

However, when you consider you'll probably have more than one kid, say 2 or 3 in somewhat close succession, then really you need to plan for her to spend the next 10 years at home full time.

Time to be a man and step up. Also, be happy - this is a good thing. Many guys here would love to be in your position.

If money is really an issue, checkout the 'FIRE' material online and start living more frugally. More basic car, eat at home more, etc.

What someone said about abortion having a huge mental health impact is true. For some women, it's OK, but for some, it can be devastating. I've seen it myself more than once.


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Reply to the short version - I did not read the long one:

You have a young loving pregnant wammen. You have everyting that a man can want and you want to quit. That is insane.

I believe that stay at home mother is the ideal setup. Just rationalize your and her life so that it is cheap enough. Also increase incomes. Just read what others wrote.

On abortion: I am totally against abortion. That is baby killing.

If she seems to still love you then you have a chance to make this thing good.

The only catch is that you must not only be the beta provider but also have to act alpha. It is not easy to learn but if she still treats you like a king then it is not late yet. Maybe you were alpha for her from the first moment.

Also check if the baby is yours or not: if it is not yours then all above are cancelled and you should run ASAP. There are prenatal parental tests that work from blood of the mother and your blood: Nifty test and likes - you can have them at a number of different places. It is not cheap but worth the money.


Disgraceful story, you are considering killing your child in the womb because you can't fulfill your duties as a man. You should have thought about that before you imported your Internet girlfriend.

She probably doesn't want to bother learning Spanish because she doesn't know how long you will be with her.

Two choices -

1. Work your ass off 16hrs a day if need be and give that child the life it deserves.
2. Send her back to Ukraine, you said she had friends and family there, they will make sure the kid is looked after.


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How much can an illegal make working in Spain anyways? Probably not that much.

If I were in your shoes my main goal would be trying to find a way to make more money and cutting expenses like crazy.

Also, work on your pull out game.

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It's absolutely ridiculous for an established man 10 years senior to be pushing the mother of your child to be working a menial job as an illegal in a foreign country while pregnant. Have you no shame?


PapayaTapper said:
Polniy_Sostav said:
Luigi give us an update please

Hopefully she took his computer back to Ukraine with her



Handsome Creepy Eel said:
It's absolutely ridiculous for an established man 10 years senior to be pushing the mother of your child to be working a menial job as an illegal in a foreign country while pregnant. Have you no shame?

Oftentimes people are bashing girls for their behaviour, but look at these guys like the OP. Complete losers. They go to foreign countries because they want a hot younger girl, but they themselves are too broke to even be able to support a pregnant girlfriend who doesn't speak the language and is not legally allowed to work. Completely ridiculous.

But let's face the facts, these people like the OP are then majority of the people reading online forums about travel to foreign countries for girls. No wonder that locals start to dislike people from the West if the majority coming are the losers.

Serie A

When a man is confronted with a sudden existential change – such as one's partner being pregnant – it can be very jarring at first, and I understand how this may have induced a state of anxiety.

However, whatever you decide to do in the future – and it is ultimately your call – it is difficult to see how aborting your own child is going to improve matters.

Regardless of one's religious views, abortion is not the routine healthcare procedure it is sometimes made out to be: on the contrary, it's an extremely traumatic and violent operation which can leave incredible psychological and physical scars on the mother. (This is one reason why a number of countries restrict access to abortion, but not most other forms of contraception.)

Moreover, the idea that your partner having an abortion will somehow financially benefit you is tenuous at best; in fact, even in the short term, the reverse often happens – this is partly why so many cultures view children as a blessing from God, and as a solid indicator of future prosperity.

Anyway, at this level, money is a problem that can always be solved. There is no shortage of legitimate online and offline earning opportunities that can net you a bit of extra cash every month with not that much effort – more than enough to take care of one small child who for the first 2-3 years may be living largely on a diet of its mother's milk. (Plus, you would be amazed at how family, neighbours and friends help out once you have a baby.)

The old adage is that behind every great man, there's a great woman. It sounds like you have somebody very special there – do you really want to lose her, and your child, for no good reason?