Luke Kendrat





Why do Mr. Rueben's comments sound like he just had some sort of break through in a degenerate sexual seduction as opposed to simply educating another man in some truths of our political climate?

I've had many a conversation with my compatriots over politics where alcoholic beverages were involved... but I have never felt the need to present the results of that conversation being based off of plying them with tequila and hot tub time. It seems a little peculiar.

Or am I just being hypersensitive to his sodomite ways?

Sol Invictus

Orthodox Catechumen
I have no doubt at least one other person will come up to take his place. In fact, in the chats of several other streamers, I've learned that there are a few others starting up YouTube channels, including at least one lady. I don't think we'll be hurting for good Orthodox content in the near future.

Charbel Makhlouf

I just started listening to Luke's Orthodoxy First show on Spotify 3 days ago. I was enjoying it immensely.

It seems to be gone now. All but one of the shows on YouTube is gone now too.

Where has it gone? It was such a blessing to have these last few days and I looked forward to listening and re-listening to the show. I had already provided so much nourishment and hope to me.


He made all episodes beside the first and last private because he’s going to seminary and part of his obedience is to not do the show at least for a while. Hopefully he will be back with a show as a full-fledged Orthodox priest!