According to my husband (because I don't know either lol) it's that they have discontinued publishing the tracking of the one of the measurements of the money supply (apparently there are several - again, I have no idea), ostensibly because it's going up at a high rate, which of course will cause inflation, and we can't have the plebs (us) knowing about it.

Although how many plebs are even looking is probably low anyway, so I suppose it's more to hide things from financial and stock market people who pay attention to this stuff to make it more difficult to know when high inflation will hit.


^that's exactly what it means. I think around 2006 or so they stopped publishing the money supply - though I'm sure they know it. You have to wonder why, but this was also right around the time they first started with the "quantitative easing" talk I'd never heard before. I think by now we are on QE3 or 4, but the point is, yeah, there's a LOT of money being printed to buy the products the government creates through the treasury.

A good site for such info (though I have not kept up lately) is Shadowstats.com.