Major earthquake in Turkey/Syria kills thousands


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Some people clearly don't know many Greeks or Cypriots. No love for the Turks at all from them.

Veterans from the Cypriot war in the 70s tell of unspeakable acts by the Turks upon the Greek population there, 0-80, Turks didn't care.
Just watch the song I posted. The lyrics basically regard the Turks as subhuman demons, and for good reason.

Just for the record, I don't take delight in all the families losing their loved ones in the earthquake, but getting offended at this "joke" of mine, when Greeks and Cypriots have more reasons to hate Turks, only comes across as virtue-signalling.

Bashar Assad tweets:

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Then gets suspended...

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Now when one thinks of it, assuming that the earthquake is a geoweapon just makes it all the more cruel to the Syrians, as if all the bombs and invasion aren't enough.


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Can’t confirm but worrisome if true.

I got some Israeli neighbors who fled because they didn't want to have to get the clot shot. They are pretty based with the conspiracies... they think the earth quake was caused by man. What's the opinion on this theory on the forum? I believe in lots of conspiracies but some seem a bit far fetched for even me.
On a side note I stayed in Turkey for a few weeks back in the world tours days. It was one of the only places I kind of had a uncomfortable feeling while I was there. "Bad vibes" if you want to get hippy. The food was pretty great though.