Major east coast pipeline shut down by hackers


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Saw the same thing today here in suburban MD, although not quite at this scale - people across from me at the station filling up a bunch of 5g drums. I haven't seen any stations reporting they were out of gas, but if people start panic buying/hoarding a la ammo and toilet paper 2020 people will cause their own shortage.


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I wonder where did this hack originate from? I think the FBI has ID the source or they may have taken responsibility. But, I can't help but think this could also be a salvo in the "unrestricted warfare" China is currently waging on the US.
If I had to guess: in no particular order, CIA, FBI, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos.

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Apparently it’s been down for days and could cause gas prices to spike in the southeast

The stupid Muslims, Chinks, and Nokor Gooks are probably just jealous that we are now the leading supplier of oil because we figured out how to drill for shale oil by inventing hydraulic fracturing and how to convert tar into bituminous oil, enabling us to tap into the oil reserves in our coastlines and the tar pits in Canada.


Whats the difference between "panic" buying and prepping?

Prepping means you didn't go buy gas probably at all. We simply topped off our mostly full tanks on Saturday when the news broke and it was obvious they weren't going to have it back up. We keep our tanks like that on purpose because of supply chain disruptions ( but also just because we like to be prepared).

Panic buying is hearing about it when there's five hour lines on Tuesday and you're ready to pour gas in a Big Gulp cup cause you can't plan for anything.

Similar: preppers weren't panic buying food in April 2020. We already had ours BECAUSE WE'RE PREPPERS.


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Please tell me you listened when I said over the weekend to go fill up your cars and an extra tank.
Didn't see your post then, but I heard from my neighbor yesterday that the major cities near me were out of gas. That afternoon, I filled up my car and a few containers at my local gas station. There weren't any lines.

Today, the gas stations near my house were packed all afternoon. One of the gas stations ran out, and the other had a line of about 15 cars out onto the street.

Glad I got my gas just in time.


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I hope it all works out for you guys.

But from where I am, all I can see is your prices - during massive fuel shortages none the less - as being still half the price that I pay here.

You will have my concern when fuel hits $5.50 like it is in Canada.
Most of the states running out of gas are past that. You’re comparing can dollars you USA dollars...