Majority female activities and events

I simply don't agree. All kinds of hobbies and social activities can be enjoyable and there is nothing wrong or phony about choosing the ones where we can meet a life partner rather than the ones full of men.
'Kill two birds with one stone' approach? Perhaps not a bad thing.

1) Which hobbies and social activities do you enjoy?
2) Search which one(s) seem to have a higher number of females.
3) Realize that meeting women with '1)' as your foundation is not going to net you any truly marriageable material.


This is espeically true of dance classes. Let's be real, how many men would genuinely be interested in them if it weren't for the women?

I disagree. I think most would. Its like shooting guns...I think most women would enjoy it if they tried it.

But lets be constructive. What are the places where there are marriageable women and people have actually experienced it in real life. So far I know of three that I can personally say are good place to meet women:

1) Dance classes and dance socials for Latin dancing

2) Language exchanges.

3) Young adult groups in churches

Meetup is mostly terrible other than language exchanges. Clubs and bars aren't great.

I don't like dancing, but I have a friend who used to kill it because he's good at swing dancing and would go to the free classes they do before swing dance nights at clubs.

That last part is extremely important. Incidentally Swing sucks in my city. But for Latin dancing the typical structure of a social is free classes followed by a period where anyone can dance with anyone. The free classes are where the newbies are and those are typically the people most likely to be single and most likely to have started dancing to meet people. OTOH the social part afterwords is filled with experienced dancers who are more interested in the dancing than in meeting anyone. So the GOLD is always in the free classes before the real social dancing begins. Its a small point but a very very important one.

In dancing I have been asked twice by newbies "why did you take up dancing?". My answer is always the same "TO MEET WOMEN OF COURSE!!!!". I've found that this specific answer does not hurt me at fact quite the opposite.
I met my LTR (soon to be married) at a friend's thanksgiving dinner. I didn't game her at all.

When I was gaming I was seriously envious of the guys who could dance. I am physically incapable even after many drinks I could never let loose enough to dance I think I am completely missing that gene. I get self-conscious and the whole act seems unnatural to me.
I think it's fine for people to question ideas posted here, but Cortes just seems determined to trash the very concept of choosing how to spend our free time partly in order to meet the right person. That doesn't help his credibility when he comments on specific examples. Even after multiple explanations he still writes as if we are suggesting "doing something you hate just to be around women" rather than say, something you think sounds fun that has lots of marriageable women over something that also sounds fun but is a sausage fest. I don't understand why this basic point is so hard?

Cortes' whole attitude reminds me of feminists who think even asking women out is inherently predatory and sketchy. So even a comment like "my local dogs home has loads of really nice young women who volunteer there" is presumably enough to set his alarm bells ringing.

I get that faith is very sacred to many people. But I don't get why it's a problem if a person goes to church partly for social reasons or romantic reasons or to ameliorate their loneliness and it then brings them closer to God - as regular church attendance inevitably will for many people. Reversing the sexes for a moment, how many women have gone to church over the centuries partly in the hope of meeting their future husband? I can't find it within me to do anything but wish them well.
If you go to church just to find a wife, know you're going to get tested.
Priestmonk Kosmas told a story about a woman in her 40s who he saw very frequently attend church services until one day she stopped. She had been single for a long time and was very desperate to find a husband. One day, he runs into her in town and asks why she stopped going to services and she guiltily says "I got married... To a Muslim."


Good thread.

As someone whose life has become pretty much full-time work with some lifting, I've been pretty stumped on how to meet women lately, especially with Covid.

Options I've considered are:

Co-ed part-time jobs: Monetary waste of time, (I work in construction and make good money) but I know lots of people who have a serious partner through work.

Going out to alcohol venues: Maybe there is a girls there like me; hates drinking/doesn't drink, but is a bit desperate to meet someone.

Travel Jobs/moving somewhere as a total stranger: Its never failed me in the past for being social and meeting women


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I met one of my long term partners through cold approach in a bar while traveling.

Regarding the question of activities - a lot of posters have commented on attending dance classes. I have done that in the past, but really don't like it. Tried salsa, tried tango. Don't care if there's women there. Did not get round to trying lindy hop swing or square dancing, boot scooting, but I doubt I'd like it either. I knew of two guys, one especially who really liked this dancing, and it became a serious hobby, attending events in different places. The OP can attend dance classes and decide if he likes it or it grows on him. Lucky if it does, but some of us just can't get into it.

Language classes and language meetups have worked for me too.

I have in recent years gotten more deeply into cooking, watching recipes, cooking shows, cooking meals, and believe if there is a group or a class somewhere, that would be a female friendly meetup. Actually I remember there was some kind of group somewhere I was once living where different people would host on different nights of the week. So want to find a way to turn this so far not so social activity of mine into something social.

If it wasn't for covid, I would have been in the cinema more, and going alone, seeing something you like, I have at times got into conversation before or after the film with solo female filmgoers. Film discussion courses also good.

Although I have a bit to do with IT, and have interacted with nerd girls, it is a bad idea, there is more often than not something strange about them and those meetups can have a high incel attendance which makes for an incorrect and unuseful atmosphere for meeting women.


LOL what is weird about them? And if the men are often incels by definition they are surely not in competition with you?

The thing about these so-called "nerd girls" in any of the "hard sciences" or engineering fields (a.k.a STEM) including IT is that they have relatively high levels of testosterone and as a result they aren't very feminine. This is because these are fields that men are supposed to be attracted to, not women. Men like dealing with things, women like dealing with people. Ever see those old pictures (1950s or 1960s) of female computer scientists at work? Their faces are so masculine!

So as a result, these "nerd girls" are more likely to have autistic traits because autism is more associated with the male gender.
Dance classes. I do swing, but salsa may be good also. Once you have a few lessons then tap into the local dance community and meet at concerts, fests, and other events with music. Women there are quite a bit higher quality than you would meet otherwise. Plus, to be a good dancer you have to lead, and they love to follow.


Don't do things just because you think you can meet a good woman doing it. Women can smell that on you and you won't get very far doing it. You should be doing these things because you enjoy them or you want to help others out.
Except for dance classes. That’s the entire point of dancing usually.


-Book stores (ive met girls there before, had a chat about topics)
-niche art shops
-cooking classes
-charity events (plus you do a positive impact to your community!)