Making 500 a month online quick?


Hello guys I was curious I am down here in chelem,mexico currently and If i don't make some money for the next few weeks I will have to return to the US.

I came here because I have an autoimmune conditon and was thinking that living in the tropics may help.I was curious if anyone can suggest a way to sustainably make 500 a month without taxing the body?

Thank You Guys

Thank You


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Hey David

Making money online is very possible, but most (if not all) options are not quick.
How much time and effort are you willing to spend on this?

The quickest way is probably finding clients in your chosen skill. This can be everything from programming, online marketing, teaching online,...
Developing a skill takes a lot of time. But start today. Pick something, and stick with it. At the same time look for opportunities online.

I was in a similar situation 3 years ago (although I had a day job, I wanted to start working remote).
I decided to learn SEO. I got a bit lucky and after learning for 6 months I found a job that almost paid double my day job. In the end, they fired me, since my skills weren't yet at the level the company wanted. But I never looked back.

It's still what I do today together with some trading.
Stock or Crypto trading I wouldn't really recommend starting, if you don't have money. Try to find a skill that interests you first and make some decent money before investing.

Why not go back to the US and learn that skill over there? How many hours a day are you working on a skill in Mexico?
There's no excuse if you want this enough.


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This requires a bit of a ramp up time but one thing I will probably fall back on eventually is making simple web sites for small businesses. There are a ridiculous number of them that still don't have a web site. I'm sure most probably have been pitched dozens of times so you need to hone your pitch pretty well.

For example, a restaurant doesn't need a complex web site. Make them a simple 6 page site: home page, about page, maps/directions page, contact page, menu page, and photo gallery. Might be able to upsell them on managing their Facebook page, their Yelp page, an Instagram page, etc.. For a small town one though they just need a site and perhaps Facebook. Make sure it looks good on desktop and mobile. After going for awhile could upsell them on SEO and ranking for important keywords. (Pizza in Xtown, Xtown authentic pasta, etc.)

Your cost would be: domain name registration ~$10 per client, VPS (even a $5/month can host hundreds of mini sites), photo editing software, and your time. Don't kill them on the price but don't work yourself for too cheap either.