Mandatory vaccination policies


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This has been my backup plan all along, scalping even $100/day is $2000/month, pretax. $200 day is $4,000, and so on.. only problem is if we crash into a bear market, doubt it will be that easy.

On the flipside, my company still hasn't said a peep about the mandate. Odd..
I think trading and money in the markets will skyrocket with more people either working from home and/or quitting and getting fired. Lot's of new young traders out there.
A Professor writes to his comrades about the new diktat at their University.


This letter is to inform you that I categorically refuse to comply with any of the COVID vaccine-related
mandates imposed on its employees by the University of Waterloo:

1. I will not declare my COVID vaccination status, although you may be able to guess (see also
point 3 below).
2. I will not attend any of the virtual COVID re-education camps organized by UW’s or the
province’s quack doctors and public health shamans in-chief. As an MD with board certification
in medical microbiology, I consider myself sufficiently informed on the subject.
3. I will not let myself be injected with any of the ineffective and poisonous concoctions that are
misrepresented to the public as COVID vaccines.
4. I will not ask for any “accommodation” or “exemption,” because doing so would only
legitimize the lawless measures imposed by UW officials.
5. I will not play for time by asking for medical leave due to distress or anxiety. I thankfully am in
good health and retain my usual capacity for work.

And he continues more in the letter.


Interesting. I'm starting to notice a trend (not just in LA. Also some locals I've talked to and scuttlebutt elsewhere) of various first responders and police organizing to resist mandates. Some of these I've heard of come from local and regional unions.

They'll have to carve out an exception if they want to keep these enforcement organizations on their side.


Honestly if I was in this position and had no ability to start my own company, work for myself, live off investments, find a job where I didn't need the vax, there was no way to pay off a nurse/doc, etc and all other options are exhausted, I would spend every waking minute studying day/swing trading.

Study options, study puts, study covered calls, study scalping the big boards like your life depended on it. There's ample quality youtube vids on it. You should be able to scalp enough to hold on and see where this goes.

You can do it from your bedroom. Profits are immediately put into your account. You are dependent on nobody else financially. To make big money day trading is pretty tough. But if we're talking survival and scalping $75-100 per day. Can be done. Just need the willingness to learn.
How much do you need to put in to be able to get $100/day? Asking for a friend (for real). A lot of people could live on $100 a day for quite a while.


How much do you need to put in to be able to get $100/day? Asking for a friend (for real). A lot of people could live on $100 a day for quite a while.

I recommend a $25-30k minimum otherwise you're limited to a few day trades every few business days.

The strategy to make $100 is scalping in my view.. but you could also make it through a typical swing trade.

If you're good though, $5000 is enough.


Honestly I don't even know what jargon like "scalping" means, my investment strategy is "buy and basically forget it" which, frankly, has worked out very well for me. But, I'd like to get more active, and I know people who are looking for a way to earn money, so it's good to know how much investment you need to play with to get that kind of return.


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"...controllers out sick..." :hmm:


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How much do you need to put in to be able to get $100/day? Asking for a friend (for real). A lot of people could live on $100 a day for quite a while.
It really depends. And I think one must become pretty adept at charting and researching news/catalysts. Reading momentum. And how quickly you can build your account depends on the individual. And if it's a combination of day trading or swing trading also matters. You might do a multi day/week swing trade which doesn't move for days and suddenly two weeks later it runs and you make great profit.

But if you want to do multiple trades daily on the big boards with margin and qualify as a pattern trader, you need 25K in your account. If you're a cash account you're good with less. With a cash account any multi day swing doesn't count against the 25K day trading standard.

It's not easy. My point of bringing it up was just if all options are exhausted and you want to earn from home, trading is a great skill to have. And you only get better at it the more you're in it.