Mandatory vaccination policies


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Is it hard to get a job in your country without a jab?
About half of companies are asking proof of vaccination when doing face-to-face and almost all colleges are asking it. At the moment I am searching for remote jobs where I could leverage my background as lecturer and also because I want to move closer to my parents, they are getting older and in need of help.


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This is pure insanity, Activision Blizzard employees planning walkout over lifting of vaccine mandates:

Statement from Activision Blizzard employees:

"We demand full spectrum dominance tyranny over the physical bodies of every employee of the Activision family or we're outta here. Individual personal choice will not be tolerated. There will be no negotiation."


We need a new term thats analogous to “Stockholm Syndrome“ or PTSD for these morons. Totally Addicted to Restrictions Disorder

TARDs for short
have always just called them Covidians, people who are part of what I also call Covid Culture; one where your whole sate of being is consumed by the ever-looming threat of covid, and the secret love of all things pertaiing to mask wearing, sanitiser abuse, and still checking-in.


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Covidians is too restrictive though. If it wasn't covid they'd be scared of something else. They're faithless cowards. What they need is inspiration, to believe once again.

With faith, all the problems plaguing our society today would fade away like morning dew against the rising sun.


Mandatory masks forever!

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How about no? And good luck getting the homeless that take transport to wear face coverings because among everyone else that would be willing to do that, they wouldn't. It's been a lot of years since I've taken public transportation anywhere but I doubt people still wear them since they don't even bother to do that at large gathering events so why would they do it on a train or a bus when they can go to major events where they are surrounded by thousands of people that they are standing shoulder to shoulder to? Makes no sense.

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Are people just having to wait for the EEOC investigations and go ahead on suits, or mostly just for legal clarification that any entity cannot discriminate for others regarding employment (as in termination), or both? The goings on for both of these topics has been very, very slow.


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This mandatory vaccination is getting out of hand, and once again this forum was right.

Back in January 2022, the government stated that the booster shot is not mandatory and it is only intended for senior citizens and healthcare workers. Then it started being offered for free to general citizens who voluntarily wanted a booster (until this time still not mandatory).

Now in April 2022 the booster shot is mandatory. In fact the term third vaccine and booster is officially interchangeable now. The worst joke of all Sinovac is not allowed for booster, the only vax allowed are Pfizer and Moderna. Myself I finally surrendered from the coercion around me and going to be vaccinated with a Moderna at a vax center. Coincidentally despite the center should be open until 15:00, by 12:30 it is already closed (I arrived in 13:00). I prayed and thanked God for giving me a second chance from getting the MRNA vax, He saved me from my weakness.

It is worth noting that most people here are getting vaxxed because it is required for entry into airplane, ships, and other transportations, and also as a requirement for entering buildings. Not because vaccine is protecting us from Covid. So basically vaccination by government's coercion.


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