Mandatory vaccination policies


Thanks for the responses guys.

Theyre not pushing the jab anymore (at least for now). They want her to explain why she shouldn’t face disciplinary action for refusing their demands (ie a pay cut).

Basically they released a ‘directive’ to get the jab. She has refused the directive by not getting jabbed. A refusal of a directive means you may face disciplinary action.

its just a pathetic power play from them. A soft little reminder that “hey, we’re still in charge here okay?” It’s really quite sad as they are coming from a position of weakness being so short staffed. I’m in two minds to tell them that if they continue with this process my wife will be going on stress leave.
She should demand a 25% increase in pay if they are so short staffed. Play offense. And tell her boss next time he asks her about the jab she will hire a lawyer and sue him for sexual harassment (my boss is asking personal questions about my body).


Last November my wife (then fiancé) was required to receive the jab to continue her work as a teacher. She had just finished four years of study and was at the end of her first year on the job.
Needless to say, we didn’t cave. She came to work with me instead and had no desire to go back to teaching.

Last month, the Government revealed what desperate fools they are by dropping the mandate and asking the unjabbed to get back to work. God has been so merciful to us, just days after this occured we find out my wife is pregnant. Paid maternity leave here we come!

We received an email last week which simply blew us away. Despite asking for her back and being desperately short staffed (everyone seems to regularly be getting very sick, I wonder why that would be...) they have sent us an email asking us why she shouldn’t face further disciplinary action for not falling in to line with their procedures.
It wasn’t enough to be suspended without pay for 6 months and to lose our house (funded by the Education department). No, apparently she still needs some further discipline because she’s been very naughty.
I’m trying to write up a response on her behalf. Anyone want to throw in some comments, arguments that I can include? I’m unsure if I should go full scale shock and awe about their pathetic policies or just keep it short and sweet.
I guess that we are to assume that she went back to the teaching job? It is not clear. It seems like she's working with you now.

Assuming that she went back to the school, I would suggest either the delete key or, if you believe that you MUST respond, keeping it very short.

"No disciplinary measure of any type is appropriate."

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"No disciplinary measure of any type is appropriate."
Exactly this. Any replies from them after this, and you/she has to ask herself how important it is that she go back.

Right now they have no idea what to do (well, they do, but want to feel her out before they drop that on her). That's why they're asking her what the appropriate disciplinary action should be. If it reasonably lines up with what they think is appropriate, then they'll (after careful deliberations) begrudgingly agree "but let's put this behind us and not let it happen again".

If they press back with "we have to do sOmEtHiNg", and/or if they won't commit to a disciplinary action, and you feel that you have to throw out the first 'offer', double down like Enoch suggests. Point out that she was suspended for six months without pay (which is more than enough to be considered a disciplinary measure), and that moving forward she will not only be fully reinstated in regards to tenure and curriculum development (and no physical 'shadow' or any requirement for her teaching programs to be subjected to any sort of pre-approval outside of normal parameters) but she will also be compensated with a 40% pay increase (start at 40%, whittle down to 25%).
They're asking because they want things to "just go back to the way things were before all this crazy covid stuff", but they also want to put 'something' on paper for future issues with both her and potentially other employees.

* leave the house out of the conversation, they don't care


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The Unvaccinated Will Be Vindicated: A 100K Thank You to the Citizen Heroes of Our Time​

Mandates are now becoming a thing of the past, thanks to brave freedom fighters who had the courage to say NO.​

This piece was inspiring and well-written, but its core assumption, namely that some sort of victory has been achieved in Canada, is fundamentally flawed. As the top comment correctly notes, the country's health minister has said that Canadians must disavow themselves of the idea of being "fully vaccinated" and that they will never be fully vaccinated because they will need new injections several times a year. It seems overly optimistic or blissfully ignorant to claim victory given those circumstances.