Manufactured Outrage™ against Marine Corp regarding WYB photos


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I predict western militaries that spend time and badly needed money "battling 'misogyny'(TM)" will be ill-prepared or at least less prepared to battle the enemy.

Do you think the Russian military worries about tripe like this? Or China's?

How about ANY majority Arab country that has dream of taking the jihad to the streets of the West?


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I don't think there are any illusions among us that the military is actually meant to be a battle winning force. Too many politicians and too much money pulled from tax payers is not a recipe for a military.

The US military is an awesome machine with the best tech. But under all this, under the bravado and valor of its finest men, is the under current of waste and make work programs. Make no mistake, women and manlets want a piece of the military dollar, and in this environment they are going get it.