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Controlled opposition because he was ''too quick'' to come up with papers you mean? Like Klaus' Great Reset after 3 months of lockdowns :laughter: My trust in people truly has taken an irrepairable hit. Also because allegedly there are people ''on our side'' who truly are not on our side. Could be nefarious if that's the case for someone, but also could be because of ignorance. It's tough for many people especially ''experts'' and high intellectual scientific people to break through the wall entirely and accept that everything they were ever told was a lie.

To clarify, my reference to 'controlled opposition' was tongue in cheek, hence the winky face :). Based on what I have seen, he's a man of serious courage and integrity.

If you listen to that clip with Tucker or search online for Desmet's interviews you'll probably see his messages are pretty consistent. I suggest you watch/listen to the videos posted in this thread to help inform your perceptions on the matter.

P.S. It's hard for anyone to handle the threat to their identity and belief system when confronted with contradictory information. This is especially true if they have made an irreversible commitment such as getting the juice. Such psychological resistance is very powerful and should never be underestimated.

Now, as for highly-analytical intellectual voices - they are one pillar of many in our resistance against globalist technocratic control. Different personalities and styles of communication are useful for appealing to different people. The academic type is important, as is the comedian, story-teller, videographer, meme-maker etc.

Yes there is a huge amount of tainted, biased 'research' funded by elite interests and used to justify anything, including supposed vx efficacy. It's well-known that the proportion of conservative academics employed at universities in the West has been very low for decades. So, scepticism of scientific methods, data and its interpretations, particularly used to rationalise any large changes such as shutting down coal plants, is absolutely critical for our quality of life.

That said, throwing the entirety of formal academic studies in the bin or neatly categorizing all researchers as the "enemy" is counter-productive to the cause against forced clot shots, ESG restrictions etc.


Researchers concluded that the most educated people in our society are not only the most hesitant about getting vaccinated but are also the least likely to change their minds about it.

The paper noted that other hesitancy risk factors included 'younger age, non-Asian race, having a PhD or less than high school education, living in a rural county with higher 2020 Trump support, lack of worry about Covid-19, working outside the home, never intentionally avoiding contact with others and no past-year flu vaccine'.

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