Massive explosion rocks Beirut, national news says its “fireworks “


While we can have a discussion on intelligence orgs ... <SNIP>
Lol, we'll be controlling the narrative in here, not you.

"that is not something you or I have any direct knowledge or experience of "

This is one of those true but meaningless statements. It's used to pretend to add to the weight of an argument but in reality doesn't, like Einsteins theories could be dismissed in this superficial manner, i.e. "he doesn't have any direct experience of his equations so ultimately his work doesn't matter". Ok Greta.

So much thought has been put into studying what we know about physics, human behavior, intelligence, etc, especially Israels past behavior, that ultimately a direct witnessing of a Mossad agent coating a steel-reinforced I-Bar with thermite in the Twin Towers is not necessary. This kind of deep and speculative investigation is what brings into being the statement, "beyond a reasonable doubt". It is beyond a reasonable doubt after the research done into 9/11 that Israel is responsible for 9/11.

Your assertion that all this thought by multiple experts in multiple areas over multiple years about 9/11 could remotely be 'confirmation bias' is spectacularly arrogant of you.

Anyways, keep trying ...
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