Maui fire disaster

The lockdown is reminiscent of the state's recent draconian covid response and has undertones similar to the Hurricane Katrina calamity in 2005. It is possible that the Hawaiian government got a taste of ultimate power over the past few years and now they think that 1st Amendment rights no longer apply. The editor of the Maui Times reiterates that the government is shutting out all media inquiries and they are not to blame for the lack of confirmed updates on the situation.

There are a few possible takeaways to be gathered here: First, it's clear that independent reporting is having an effect in exposing state mismanagement, which is why they are attacking "influencers" and putting access on ice. Second, public pressure must be immense, because even the local media is trying to stave off the torches and pitchforks by reiterating that they have no access. When was the last time you saw the mainstream media calling out information controls instead of working in direct lockstep with officials? Third, there is something going on in Maui beyond bureaucratic hubris.

Why block the media from going to the site of the fire? Why try to inoculate the public to any information outside of government sources? Is there something they are trying to hide beyond incompetence? There is evidence to suggest that a major land grab is already in progress, with wealthy interests as well as state interests circling the charred Maui carcass ready to feed. There are also questions as to the true source of the fires.

Frankly, if government policy decisions led to the deaths of hundreds of people then they should pay the price for their blunders. If other shady activities are afoot, then the public has a right to know. The state is not given license to deny media examination of the event. Democrats in Hawaii are trying to turn the tables and make the calamity about who deserves to report the news, when they should be scrambling to save their own skins in the face of intense public scrutiny. These people deserve to be placed under a very large and uncomfortable microscope.
From what I have seen I think the "fire disaster" is being vastly exaggerated if not pushed with outright lies.

As they did in Rhodos, they do it here.

Or as they did with the Ukraine. Or as they did with the flu.

Next to that we see in my opinion obvious CGI material popping up; look at this charcoaled dog in the middle of the road and the crisp burned cars. Something is off here.

For the doubters of the propaganda narrative the state provides conspiracy theories; space lasers and evil CIA people are putting stuff on fire.

It's all the same playbook.

What I think we see going on here, is that fires happen all the time, only this time, the elite is pushing this story to the global media, further pushing this internationalist agenda and it's at the same time bringing up an official conspiracy theory, leading many from the truth.

StoryOfficial narrativeConspiracy theoryTruth (my opinion)
Extreme Maui DisasterMan caused climate change leads to extreme weather eventsChinese space lasers, government people put it on fire.Fires happen, this is blown up to serve the international agenda.
CovidThere is a pandemicChina lab launches evil virus. The injections contain nano bots.Just the flu. There was nothing.
UkraineRussia attacks innocent Ukraine. Ukraine is winning. Zelensky is hero.United States is developing bioweapons in Ukraine, Russia is saving the world from it.This is a hyper localized conflict going on since 2014, there is no real all-out war.

All seems to be aimed to keep to plebs in a state of fear. All these events being pushed in the media seem to have a similar playbook. Of an official narrative, an allowed conspiracy theory (just watch Infowars to see what it is) leading us all from quality understanding of truth.

Anyhow I don't trust the reporting on this next fear event one bit, as I don't trust the boom of "conspiracy" thoughts. As both enforce this idea that something big has happened. I just think there hasn't been anything big. Just stuff happens. Flu. Fire. Wind. Conflict.

Hawaii is largely run by incompetent, lazy natives and of course Democrats. What happens when anything negative can be placed squarely at the hands of libtards or their pet minority groups? Deny, deflect, downplay, ignore, etc. I enjoy the speculation but I suspect this is no different than any other communist failure.
I'll have a much longer comment on the Maui stuff...I was on the island at the time but I will say that all the missing are dead which means 500+ to 1000....they've know this all along. It was also so absurdly dry and incredibly windy that all they needed to start a fire was one of the 100's of Lahaina homeless to flick a cigarette into the brush....DEW not needed. Between downed power lines and tons of other ways to start a fire that place was a tinder box.

What is real is the fact there was zero communication. Hotels only a few miles a way had ZERO clue what was going on or how bad it really was.

Glad you made it through brother.
Climate change arson - a mere vehicle to further implement total Dystopia.

AC :

RCMP say Thursday night fire in Yellowknife is believed to be arson. Are these all just random arsonists, who all, in different nations, even on different continents, just decided out of the blue they all wanted to start lighting fires? And notice the coordination, from Greece, to the Canary Islands, to Hawaii, to Canada, it is transnational. I think the only reason we are not seeing it throughout the American West, is probably that they are saving up the combustibles there for the summer of 2024, which will likely be an inferno out there.
Reminds me of all the Muslim terror attacks.

We went from rarely seeing one, to terror attacks across Europe and America, to no more after Trump was elected.

These fires like the terror attacks are gov't operations.

'Children Were Incinerated To Ash': Livid Hawaiians Slam Biden For Cracking Jokes, Lying About Wife​

Hawaiians are livid at President Joe Biden, who finally showed up to Maui two weeks after wildfires ravaged Lahaina, killing 114 and leaving over 850 missing - only to crack inappropriate jokes and lie about his wife 'almost' dying in a fire.

"You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man," Biden joked.

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JUST IN: President Biden jokes about how hot the ground is in Maui after a fire ripped through, killing hundreds.

“You guys catch the boots out here? That’s a hot ground, man,” he joked.

Despite media reports of roughly 100 deaths from the fires, locals estimate that at least 480 people were killed.

“I know there are at least 480 dead here in Maui and I don't understand why they're [the authorities] not saying that,” said one local.

850 people are still missing.

At another point, Biden told the Mayor of Maui County: "You look like you played defensive tackle for, I don't know who, but somebody good," before calling the wildfires a "national travedy."

Then Biden lied about almost losing his wife in a 2004 kitchen fire. In truth, the fire was "under control in 20 minutes" and firefighters "got it pretty early."

Residents are pissed...

"Hearing you talk about your house that, you know, had a little fire... you almost lost your cat and your Corvette," said one enraged resident, adding: "There were children that were incinerated to as," after Gov. Josh Green (D) said on Sunday that "it's possible that there will be many children" among the missing.

"You're so out of touch with the common man, you don't even know how to speak to them," he continued, adding "the only way you think you can establish commonality with them is to lie - that the 'same thing happened to you' "

"You're a disgusting, despicable bastard."

Watch (Warning: Language):


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While Biden flies around in circles above Maui, residents are TRAPPED on closed roads for the next several hours.

Biden will then be meeting with pre-selected “residents” and will NOT be taking media questions.

Go figure.

Police are telling me that residents are SUPER frustrated and many are missing work because of the road closures.


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Still amazed that Hawaii officials themselves admitted that they withheld water and audible warnings in the name of equity but the media is loudly and joyously blaming climate change for the deaths.

We have no hope when nobody is ever held accountable and we blame make-believe sun gods.

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Governor of Hawaii:

-We didn’t manage the unnatural savanna from fallow plantations.
-We didn’t use our emergency alert system.
-We didn’t use any water to fight the fire until it was too late.
-The electrical grid was poorly maintained.
-Described his desire to clame the destroyed land for his own agenda BEFORE he even knew of the devastation.

…but yeah, Climate Change. These people are evil.
This says to me that The Bidler has been given instructions that this event is not important, because it's an occurrence of Jewish Lightning.

Will Democrat voters be holding him accountable? Do any of his actions really matter as long as Orange Man still exists? The behavior of the Democrat establishment is wholly reflective of the fact that their constituency is a cult trapped inside their own MSM propaganda bubble and/or a blood-thirst to see “MAGA Republicans” relentlessly punished. They can do whatever they want, and their feminized, brainwashed base will keep voting for them. Is there anyone savable that honesty needs more “proof” these people are tyrants at worst, complete morons at best? At this point, conservatives are just running around in circles wondering what to do next. The fact that this guy has a very real, even probable chance of retaining the presidency in 2024 speaks to how lost we really are.
And it would be hilarious if he wasnt such an overt symbol of humiliation ritual akin to a golden shower on every American aware enough to recognize the fact.
It's not humiliation for him, Biden has been an open whore all the time. He loves it. And the voters will double down over admitting they were lazy and fueled by TDS. Its humiliation for his voters. They are excusing him relating the deaths in Maui to a small kitchen fire that might have ruined his vet. They are excusing the daughter showers. How did the DNC trick people to think Do Or Die over the president, he cannot be criticized? I believe he loves it. No comeuppance for him. And you/me mad? He's always been a liar; he dropped out the first time he ran for president due to egregious lies. I think we are humiliated, he is essentially Chuck Berry farting in a pricey prostitute's face.


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When arguing in federal court in HI in 2020, I had to get permission from the governor to enter his precious state to argue that his silly COVID lockdowns violated the Constitution. I lost. This same state, in real life, has shown how little respect for life its leaders really have.

My perfectly healthy clients were not allowed to travel from one island to another to visit their own property. American citizens were turned away at the airport because they got the wrong COVID test on the mainland. The hotel gave me “parole” from the one way card key rule only to do my legal business and leave. I could not call an Uber or take a taxi at the airport. The National Guard met me at the gate to escort me to Hawaii COVID immigration to provide my information, which they verified with the hotel. I was to keep my phone on at all times so that they could track my location.

This same police state didn’t turn the water on in Lahaina, didn’t have sirens, can’t begin to tell you how many children died from their incompetence. Or begin to explain it.

Remember all this the next time you are asked to comply with farcical, unjust “laws” made by dictators. They are lying when their lips are moving about how much they care about you and your little life and your paper constitutional rights. Americans are beginning to realize how much we are on our own. Such a betrayal.


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