Maui fire disaster

It’s crazy times we are living in. Just as Fauci, the CDC, the media, and many others will face zero accountability for their crimes against humanity during the Covid nonsense, the same thing will happen here. Over a thousand people potentially dead, lots of questions, complete incompetence by the people in charge (their actions deliberate or not), and no one in the corrupt mainstream American media is asking any hard questions. There’ll be no state or federal inquiries because they’re all on the same team.

And finally, in elections for 2024 and beyond, Hawaii will remain a solidly blue state because these numbskulls simply cannot vote any other way except D down the ballot. Same as every other blue city/state.
100+ dead according to media. Yet there are interviews with survivers that personally saw 5+ smoking people themselves. Makes me think there are hundreds of deceased if one person can spot 5 themselves. The 'missing' count seems to match this line of thinking.

What I want to know is... How many police officers and fire crew died?

Not that I wish death on these people at all. But if the people that usually stay til late, without a head start to evacuate, managed to get out safely, I want to hear about how that was accomplished yet so many others were lost.



Horror: Those Who Disobeyed Barricades Survived Maui Fires​

A disturbing report has emerged following the Maui fires which killed at least 114 and left up to 1,100 residents - many of whom are suspected to be children - unaccounted for.

According to AP, Lahaina residents who disobeyed government road barricades survived the fires, while many who heeded orders to turn around died in their cars and homes with no way out. Now, officials are facing public outrage over why the emergency sirens weren't set off and why they prevented people from fleeing to safety.

So - no siren, no water, and barricades.

Early on as the fires spread, over 30 power poles were downed alongside the Honoapiilani Highway, located at the southern part of Lahaina. Officials then blocked the Lahaina Bypass Road, preventing law-abiding citizens from fleeing to the southern part of the island. The ones who made it disobeyed.

During a press conference, Maui Police Chief John Pelletier (formerly police chief in Las Vegas during the deadliest mass-shooting in US history) told reporters that officers never stopped residents from fleeing the area, however AP says that residents were turned away and discouraged from disobeying the barricade.

And car after car was turned back toward the rapidly spreading wildfire by a barricade blocking access to Highway 30.

One family swerved around the barricade and was safe in a nearby town 48 minutes later, another drove their 4-wheel-drive car down a dirt road to escape. One man took an dirt road uphill, climbing above the fire and watching as Lahaina burned. He later picked his way through the flames, smoke and rubble to pull survivors to safety.

But dozens of others found themselves caught in a hellscape, their cars jammed together on a narrow road, surrounded by flames on three sides and the rocky ocean waves on the fourth. Some died in their cars, while others tried to run for safety. -AP

One couple, Nate Baird and Courtney Stapleton, told the outlet that they had loaded up the car with their two sons, Baird's mother and a dog to escape the flames. After driving south, they swerved past cones and escaped to a neighboring town.

"Nobody realized how little time we really had," said Baird. "Like even us being from the heart of the fire, we did not comprehend. Like we literally had minutes and one wrong turn. We would all be dead right now."

According to Baird, if they had 10 more minutes they could have saved children who were left home alone in their neighborhood.

"The kids just don’t have a filter. So their son ran up and was just telling our son, you know, ‘This kid is dead. This kid is dead.’ And it’s like, all my son’s friends that they come to our house every day,” he said. “And their parents were at work, and they were home alone. And nobody had a warning. Nobody, nobody, nobody knew."

Meanwhile, Maui Mayor Richard Bissen has been dodging questions he knows the answers to.

Careful what you wish for. The lunatic left would love to bring back the guillotines to kill anyone who they consider Israelophobic, transphobic or similar.
I understand that argument, but I think it is leftist propaganda. Trads can't protect society from deviants and liberals that want to undermine it and destroy it, because then we would be just like them. Superheroes can't even kill murderous super villain's because that would make them the same.

No, the good people can and should kill the bad. The fact that the bad people want to kill us doesn't change the fact, it confirms it. The bad people don't need the excuse that we are enacting justice to want to bring out the guillotines against us. They want that anyway, and will already do it if they can.

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The mainstream media have been REFUSING to press the Mayor on this, so residents and I started pressing him HARD for the past SEVERAL DAYS.

He’s been demonizing and attempting to discredit me ever since.

Regardless, we’ve been able to really BLOW THE LID OFF this story.


I’ve even heard HORRIFIC first-hand accounts from locals that found BABY BONES IN CAR SEATS, and bones of a young boy laying on top of his dog to protect it from the inferno.

The four schools in Lahaina served over 3,000 students.
— ONLY 400 have enrolled in other schools. Another 200 are doing virtual learning


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