May the New Year 2021 be a blessed year for all the members of this forum.


I wish the best to each member of this forum and may this year be much better than the one that just passed.

I wish the best, especially to the most active and knowledgeable members that make this forum one of the best and objective sources of information on the net today, especially on deep politics issues, geopolitics and history.

I wish the best to Roosh of course.

May God be with you all as we are living in difficult times.


Second that! 2021 is the year that we will strike back! 2020 is the worst year probably since WWII, but these things are always cyclical, that is the lesson from history at least. We are looking at the effects of Zionism that has been in the making for a very long time, and that has now come to fruition. First that must be understood, rather than people blaming Feminism or Marxism etc. Those are just the iterations. We need to get better at organizing though. We are not effective enough. Maybe we need to gather under some new international banner? Some overarching movement gathering all that are willing to resist. I`m ready for anything at this stage at least, it can`t get any worse than the current direction we are moving in...



My wish is that you all find a safe place, either within yourself or physically where you can detach from all of this for some time.

My new year will actually be very strange as i'm leaving my well paid full-time IT career path behind for a life of labor in nature. It'll be tough, but I discovered day by day my mind and body were breaking in that lifestyle and I wanted to return to what my ancestors had tried to tell me as a child.

God Bless you all!

Pelagius The Pigeon.



Apologies for the blackpill, but too good to not share. Happy new year for real. 2020 was in many ways great for me, but it's tough to be happy about that when society is a flaming car wreck all around me. I'm going to work even harder in 2021.


2020 is the worst year probably since WWII


Jokes aside, I found 2020 to be the best year in a very long time for self reflection and personal spiritual growth.
In 2020 the oppurtunities to "commit sins" were greatly reduced for everyone worldwide.

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