Meat eating / Vegetarianism in the current world


Do you all have a recommendation for a brand of beef jerky? Or does it really not matter which brand from a nutritional standpoint? Or, would you tell me to just avoid all the store-bought jerkies? Do you make your own beef jerky? I am interested in your commentary.
I make my own in a dehydrator. A good dehydrator will only set you back $150 bucks or so. A lot of the flavoring mixes come with the recipes and there are a lot online. I also get my beef grass fed direct from the farmer. This is more expensive than store UNLESS you are buying partial or entire animals, at which point it becomes cheaper. I paid around $4/pound for all cuts of beef, grass fed, 850 pounds. If you don't know anyone who is doing that, go to your local farmers market and ask anyone there selling meat products.

Forgot to mention that if you buy an entire cow about 40% will be ground beef/patties, even if you choose cuts like rump roasts, stew meat, etc rather than ground beef. So the jerky is a great way to use all that ground beef.
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