Meet The World's Latest Self-Made Multi-Billionaire: Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos

Basil Ransom

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Pretty impressive story: girl drops out of Stanford University to labor in obscurity for years to perfect a device that has the potential to revolutionize blood testing - her machines would draw a drop of blood and conduct a battery of tests at a fraction of the cost of current methods, and much more quickly and conveniently. There is a wealth of applications for her technology and that's why her company's board is packed with some serious elite power players.

Her device sounds similar to a burgeoning field of devices known as micro-fluidics, but judging by the valuation of her firm at $9 billion, her device is either unique or well protected against competition or both. Her machine and devices like it could drastically change the dating scene with cheap, near-instant STD evaluations - making it even cheaper and easier to be a huge ho in the future.


Conclusion: WB

A closer look at her and her company:

It's kind of funny how this woman is far more accomplished than the vast majority of women you will hear about in the media (Sheryl Sandberg perhaps), yet there is very little coverage of her. It's like Tuthmosis' refrain that chicks on the street are frequently hotter than A list actresses. Some people are just skilled at playing the media game and garner far more attention than they merit, that they have some quality essential to fame and the limelight, but is unrelated to their real contributions. It reminds me of someone writing about how the greatest warriors and heroes lurk in obscurity, they have a demeanor that draws no attention to itself, and they are entirely content with that - that it's not the adversary boasting of his martial prowess that you should worry about, but the adversary who speaks little and moves silently.

"Real gangsta ass niggas don't flex nuts
Cuz real gangsta ass niggas know they got 'em."

-Geto Boys, Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster


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Very interesting article and really opened my eyes to one woman's potential.

But let's get straight to the matter at hand here:


Handsome Creepy Eel

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Finally a woman with actual achievements worthy of praise. And incredible how hot she manages to look despite the very conservative, unassuming clothing. WB.

Basil Ransom

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I've always loved the idea of style as a form of communication, as a way to tell people what you are about. Her clothing and appearance has almost an ascetic quality to it, as if she is telling people that her persona is secondary to her actual creation - which is how many inventors and creative geniuses are - their personal expressions pale in comparison to their craft, they like to let their work do the talking. This woman isn't unique in that respect of course, but she's a good example.


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I bet with that sort of wealth and a desire to compete in a "man's world" I bet she has a stylist, etc to make sure everything is a tight package to convey the message she wants. In some ways I bet she understates her physical qualities to have it not detract from her accomplishments/skills.


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She's worthy of the pipe. WB.

Good for her though, but I had to search around to see if she's married. She has been ride or die for her medi-corp for 10 years. If she cashes out and runs off and has a family ASAP she will be the few women whom played the game fully to their advantage and made it work. If she dosnt I won't be mad her but hope her low key demeanor keeps on. She has been entrepreneur for 10 years now and the majority of them are more conservative and red pill. She likely would be a enemy to card carrying Femenists just as Margaret Thatcher was.


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She stole my idea actually. Okay, okay, i had a version of it. Hers was blood-based, mine was urine-based. On the 16th of October 2013, i wrote:

Nemencine said:
How about a portable sensor that is part of the urinal, and functions to read your urine for diagnostic purposes at the press of a button?....

At your own home, you come in to the lavatory/bathroom to take a piss.... you press in a code on a small panel attached to the wall signifying it is you... it activates a sensor(water proof and attached to the side of the urinal...) you take a piss... it reads your piss conducting a limited strip urinalysis for cancer, diabetes, nephrological issues, hepatic medical issues, etc... and send to a nurse database tracking your health. and then shuts itself down. A preventative care approach.

I wont be surprised if some people, somewhere, are already working on that.

Apparently, "that some people, somewhere, that are already working on it" is this fine, smart lady. Even better, she work on a blood version. Of course, the fact that Obamacare requires a lot of preventative care, this will help her company tremendously. Anyways, at least i still have this sidebusiness going for me.

And to the most important question, WYB? I will totally fertilize her.




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An incredible invention. Unfortunately her patents will be held invalid because it is impossible for a woman to succeed in the tech field due to the patriarchy and not enough outreach and scholarships. Sorry guys.


Funny... here we have a woman who is "changing the world," yet as men we can easily separate her sexual appeal from those achievements.



Quintus Curtius

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Pretty inspiring, I have to admit.

At the risk of getting ridiculed on this thread, I'll give one more example.

Just as impressive is the story behind Sara Blakely, the founder of the women's hosiery company "Spanx". She started this company with nothing but an idea and about $5000 and turned it into a huge empire.

Now that is impressive.

Learn from everyone. Everyone.

Basil Ransom

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^ Yeah Blakely is another incredible success story, female or not, even if her invention may not be as benign :).... Also highly bangable last time I checked. Seems like almost a miracle that she made a fortune instead of having everyone copy her.

Reminds me of the dude (Indian I think) who invented 5 hour energy drinks, and they sell them everywhere - mega millionaire.


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@Quintus Curtius
@Basil Ransom.

I actually did a breakdown of these kind of SARAH BLAKELY strategy in a previous post of mine:

Nemencine said:
.....Hahaha. basically, sarah blakely became a billionaire by inventing a product that makes women hamsterize their fatness away! That is it in a nutshell....

Step #1.
I guess the first place to start is to brainstorm a list of female hamsterizations. The more pernicious the better. Create a list of female hamsters.

Step #2:
Make a 2nd list of social habits that feeds the hamster.

Step #3:
Make a 3rd list of current technologies or technological habits that will amplify the hamster(s) to level 10.....

step #4:
combine the content of the three lists. Mix-match. Permutations. use your devious expert mind on the female hamster to answer the question: what will put this hamster on steroids?

Basically, game plan is: hamster + social habits + product-that-makes-hamster-worse. = cha ching! Money maker!....

step #5.
Go field test and try to make some money.

May the darkside rewards you.

There are other examples of that format, commentator "username" and I brainstormed a couple of them. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Just following this format: Hamster + Social Habits + technology that feeds the hamster = Money Maker.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos achievement is quite intellectually impressive.




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WB, but wouldn't put her on a pedestal.

Hahaha, I wonder what they will think when they see a spike in traffic coming from RVF...

Basil Ransom

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Are there any Phoenix/Scottsdale members here? Apparently the machines are available there, at twenty different locations there would love to hear a first hand report on them - I'd try them out if they had any here.

Also one in Palo Alto, CA.


You can test for STDs at the bedside with this?

"hey you know I love you baby but here, take a spot of blood and place here. Love you"

You need to have good game for that.


The ever so enjoyable foreplay of the future:

-Sign this consent form here
-Get a drop of you blood here
-Initial here confirming that is your blood
-Swab the inside of your mouth with this (no pun intended) for future DNA testing
-Pee in this cup
-Take this breathalyzer
-Initial here confirming that is your DNA and urine.
-Initial here confirming you are not intoxicated.
-Thumb print here
-Enter one emergency contact