Meet The World's Latest Self-Made Multi-Billionaire: Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos


The prosecution and defense rest, it's now up to the jury, expect a verdict next week.

Also, why can't I get called into a jury for a case like this? It's always weak sauce criminal cases.
Predict she'll skate on the pussy pass and Sunny will take the fall ("abuse excuse").

Think she got impregnated while out on bond by accident??

I hope I'm wrong.


Amazed this has ZERO popular press - not even from Tucker. The world's biggest female "self made billionaire" is forgotten as fast as she was imagined.
And, of course, it's the guy's fault, because muh, abuse.
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Meet the word's latest FELON.



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Her boyfriend, as I expected was convicted on ALL charges. Unfortunately for him, he didn't have big, feminine eyes to bat at the jury:

They'll be sentenced in 3-4 months. I bet he gets five years in prison while she gets probation, even though she was the main mastermind behind the whole scam.


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Holmes is scheduled to be sentenced this Friday. Her defense requested 18 months in prison and the prosecution requested 15 years, plus an $804M fine. Balwani is scheduled for sentencing Dec 7.



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I really hope she serves the full sentence or as much of it as possible. This narcissist sociopath first got pregnant for the explicit purpose of avoiding a conviction. When that didn’t work, looks like she pregnant again, this time to avoid a jail sentence. I feel bad for those kids. Another thing I noticed both during the trial last year and arriving for the sentencing today is that bizarre holding hands with her mom on one side and partner on the other. No doubt another sympathy play.

It’d be very disappointing if her sentence were somewhat reduced as a result of any appeals. She doesn’t appear to have any strong backing by the establishment unlike that SBF guy, so she’ll probably serve at least a few years.