Meeting her family for the first time - tips?

Nervous about meeting my girlfriend’s family for the first time soon. Are there any tips you guys may have for me?
Praying the Lord’s Will be done and just resting in Him is my current plan of action. But, any other pragmatic tips?


Christian activities are not like secular ones where "tips" and "best practices" are used. You will act based on your level of faith, and how I would visit a woman's parents will be different than yours. Focus on getting to know them and if you would be okay with having them as your in-laws.

The only real tip I would give, and perhaps this comes from my Middle Eastern upbringing, is not to arrive to someone's home empty handed. Take baked goods, bottle of wine/liquor, or something basic.


Have you ever heard of the advice when you interview for a job that you also interviewing them? Same thing here. If you're in a Christian courtship circumstance, you're evaluating both her and her family, as you will be marrying into her family. See if her parents are faithful. See if the mom is subservient to the father, whether she can cook, and whether she's feminine and pleasant. See if the father is a patriarch, can properly control his passions (i.e. doesn't get drunk), can hold a conversation, and seems masculine and wise. See if they have grace before the meal. See how your girlfriend interacts with her parents. Is she respectful? Does she have a good relationship with her father?

As for what you should do, be yourself. There should be no game or tricks. If you are a good person, then that will shine through. If you are not, then that will also shine through. Whoever you are, the parents can decide if you can sufficiently take care of their daughter.