Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

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Littered all over this forum are memes and other gifs that can instantly send SJWs into a full on trigger.

We should consolidate those here for easy access.

I keep a separate file in my phone in the photo gallery titled "Funny Memes/Pics" for when chatting with chicks or arguing with SJWs/Libtards

To illustrate just what I mean, I don't have the time at the moment to go through my computer, load an image to imgur or whatever and give some great ones here.

But on FB, Twitter, or whatevehave you, it's as easy as just posting a photo.

We can also start making them and posting to be as current as possible.

Specifically I have in mind the Donald Trump Campaign but as he is our emperor sent by God Almighty we can help him by shutting these SJWs and Bernie People down.

A great meme idea would be counter accusing SJWs that say "xenophobe" with "xenophilac" and so on (another poster brought that up, hilarious and great idea).

They don't use logic and I know we must all get caught up in the details explaining to OCD retards the nature of reality.

Make America Great Again!


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RE: The Social Media War-Chest




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RE: The Social Media War-Chest

Samsaeu you keep a folder on your HD full of these? That a post of GOLD.

Edit: Make sure to upload them as attachments so that way they're hosted via RVF and not some fly by night web host.

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RE: The Social Media War-Chest

Great idea, I was just about to start a similar thread! I have a massive collection of these, both pictures and written. I'll post some later.


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RE: Archive for memes/gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

These are seriously triggering



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RE: Archive for memes/gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

1. Selling Trump / Defending Trump from attacks

1.1. General Trump brochure

Trump is the only candidate who is against USA's retarded wars, regime changes and color revolutions.

Trump: "The world would be a better place with Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein still in power"
Trump: "I would have a great cooperation with Putin, whom the USA has turned into a world leader through its abysmal leadership"
Trump: "I would fire the Bush administration for invading Iraq"
Trump: "Saudi Arabia only exists because of USA and there is no reason why it should get so much from us"
Trump: "Assad might be bad, but USA must stop 'nation-building' and must destroy ISIS, which is the consequence of our destabilizations of Syria and Iraq"

He also features the following important details:

- opposition to illegal immigration, including fake "Syrian" "refugees"
- opposition to corporate free trade bills and other lobbying, including GMO
- opposition to war on drugs, wants to let states decide whether to legalize or not
- scepticism about the Federal Reserve; big banks are spending millions to defeat him -

1.2. Countering appeals to Christianity and the Pope

If Trump is "not Christian" for building walls, then Pope Francis is also not a Christian, since he lives behind the giant Vatican wall himself:
Furthermore, even GOD HIMSELF is not a Christian, since his heavenly city has walls:
"11 Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;
12 And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:"

1.3. Countering "gish gallop" tactics

See, posts like this are EXACTLY why Trump is so popular. His opponents have nothing to offer except some buzzwords.

1.4. Countering "Trump is racist / KKK"

Trump has been endorsed by Charles Evers, Mississippi’s First Black Mayor and NAACP Field Secretary whose brother was assassinated by KKK.

1.5. Countering appeals to Obama

I was a huge fan of Obama when he was first elected, but sadly I have to admit Trump is right. Here are some of Obama's legacies:

- ISIS takeover of Libya
- ISIS takeover of Syria
- Rewarding megabanks for causing the financial crisis
- Supporting mass surveillance of innocent citizens
- Encouraging massive illegal immigration into USA (which disproportionately affects African Americans who get squeezed out of basic jobs and welfare and get massacred by Latino drug gangs)
- Stoking racial hatred and division in USA
- Forcing degeneracy and immorality onto States, removing their rights

Back in 2008, Obama was against pointless wars, against spying, against the banks, against illegal immigration and against gay marriage. He has trampled every single one of those promises. And that part - the shameless lying - is the worst of all.

1.6. Countering "Trump is a Republican" / "Trump is a Democrat" / "Trump only benefits X"

Donald Trump has sparked a powerful movement that includes people of all races, religions and political bents, and this is no time for petty squabbles. Both Republicans and Democrats will benefit from Making America Great Again.

The fact that both left-wing and right-wing media and establishment figures are united against Trump clearly shows that the left-right is only a circus made to divert the people's attention from things that actually matter.


Get on the Trump train or get out of the way.

1.7. Countering Godwin's law (appeals to Hitler)


(or 1.3.)

1.8. Countering appeals to money / claims that Trump represents the influence of big money in politics

Donald Trump has spent the least per vote out of all candidates. His competitors outspend him on ads by a ratio of 100:1 and have spent half a billion dollars to fight him now. He has no super-PACs and runs the most cost-effective campaign in history.,_2016#Campaign_finance



1.9. Countering "Trump is only in it for money and fame"

Unlike other candidates, Donald Trump has been a positive actor in the USA's vibrant culture and economy for decades, and has a rich history of kindness and helping others:
(archive link in case it goes missing: )


1.10. Countering "Trump appeals only to the uneducated

Trump is popular with people of all income and education levels because everyone can benefit from Making America Great Again. However, polls show that Trump is the most popular candidate exactly among the most educated:


2. Destroying the competition

1. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is controlled opposition.

1) His "conservative" platform is fake. He didn't adopt any anti-war or anti-immigration stances until they had first been popularized by Trump (and partly Rand Paul).

2) The genuine parts of his "conservative" platform are the most useless ones: sucking up to evangelicals and Israel. Despite all his conservatism, he's never done anything serious against gay marriage, abortion and feminism. All talk, no action.

3) He is a pawn of the establishment who will bend to their wishes very easily. If he's really some uncontrollable fanatic, then why does he have a $50 million super-PAC? What idiot politician or banker would donate to someone who was really against them? Which brings us to...

4) He is directly funded by loans from Goldman Sachs and his wife works at Goldman Sachs herself. For all the shit we say about Marcobot or !Yeb, at least they don't have such direct ties to the worst and most destructive part of USA.

5) He's an uncharismatic person who relies on media support, snark and rehearsed speeches, similar to Obama. Put him under the same pressure as Trump is subjected to every day and he'll crumble.

6) His campaign is based on outright lies and fraud - not something "distasteful" or "questionable", but outright fraud like telling Ben Carson's voters that Carson dropped out, or making shameless claims about Trump that are 100% the opposite of reality

7) For all his mythical American patriotism, he has been a citizen of Canada until 2014, the very last moment when dropping that became profitable.

8) Despite all his the "loathing" he supposedly inspires, he is heavily supported by the media and establishment figures. When have you seen Megyn Kelly give him a tough question? Is he compared to Hitler every day, despite espousing many of the same views as Trump?

Cruz is no better than Rubio or !Yeb. Trump or bust.


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RE: Archive for memes/gifs that will instantly trigger leftists







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