Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


Why are memes so powerful against the Left while uniting the Right?

From the 48 Laws of Power...

Understand: Words put you on the defensive. If you have to explain yourself your power is already in question. The image, on the other hand, imposes itself as a given. It discourages questions, creates forceful associations, resists unintended interpretations, communicates instantly, and forges bonds that transcend social differences. Words stir up arguments and divisions; images bring people together. They are the quintessential instruments of power.

Leonard D Neubache

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Edit II.
Hmm...second image removed. It showed up fine in Preview mode. Once it's saved, it showed a red X.
Yeah, I'm finding the same thing. The input box for the post will show your gif playing but if you actually click on preview or post the content then you'll get a red X where the gif is supposed to be.


This is mostly triggering for right-wing middle-aged men, no ?

As in, the reality you helped create vs the one you wish you had made.
I dunno. I'd have to think about it. How much my actions as a young man contributed to what we see here on the left side is a pretty interesting question.