Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists




Girls with a time machine:

Girl 1: Let's go to Turkey in the 16th century!
Girl 2: Yeah, just like in "The Magnificent Century" (a Turkish TV show popular in Eastern Europe and Russia)!

Boys with a time machine:

Guy: My Emperor, let me help you defend Constantinople
Emperor: God be with you!


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except you didn't, you just strawmanned me by cherry picking churches that promote sodomy when the meme wasn't even addressing that.
Grow up. Your post should be clarified in what you meant. I cherry picked your post because I care when a scripture is taught by a qualified (ordained) priest/pastor. There are "fake" churches who have no business butchering the scripture to fit their agenda (i.e., supports abortion, gay marriage, supports BLM, female pastors, etc.).

Again, I care when the church follows the scripture. More than ever, we are now in a spiritual warfare against the Elites, BLM & Antifa.
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