Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


Grow up. Your post should be clarified in what you meant. I cherry picked your post because I care when a scripture is taught by a qualified (ordained) priest/pastor. There are "fake" churches who have no business butchering the scripture to fit their agenda (i.e., supports abortion, gay marriage, supports BLM, female pastors, etc.).

Again, I care when the church follows the scripture. More than ever, we are now in a spiritual warfare against the Elites, BLM & Antifa.
The original meme was calling a plain looking baptist church an abomination compared to an Orthodox cathedral. I just felt it was foolish to imply thats all that makes or breaks a church rather than if they're sound on doctrine. You then showed pictures of various liberal protestant churches along with Catholics supporting sodomy implying that I was defending that, I felt this was unrelated when the original meme wasn't even mocking the baptist church for having rainbow flags.

I've grown up plenty, I don't feel the need to make memes mocking other denominations to validate mine.