Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


Talent is the raw material, training is what turns that raw material into something useful. Brains may grow and develop new neural connections, but different brains do so at different rates, and in different ways, and with different limits.

When people say that blacks have low average IQ, it's not an insult. Treating it like one is why blacks get pressured into following a life path that is probably too difficult for many of them, and that's going to lead to a lot of feelings of frustration because the work expected of them is difficult to do, and they're going to be constantly measuring themselves up to their smarter co-workers. That's one way to breed black resentment toward whites, like what you see in that article.

I mean, a lot of modern jobs these days are very cerebral, whereas in older days, most work was physical and done with the hands, and you didn't have to think, just do. But now, we expect everybody to go to school so that they can do modern high cerebral load work like being an engineer, a scientist, a doctor, etc., without regard for whether that person would have a much better quality of life if he was more free to just do something more like farming, construction work, road work, etc. and still make a decent living.

Though the average white IQ is higher than the average black IQ, there are still many intelligent blacks in America who succeed in fields such as medicine and engineering. Those blacks who might get pressured into a challenging university program they can't handle, will often simply not graduate.

When it comes to blue collar work, there is a shortage of skilled workers for jobs that often pay well. There are those people who don't want to be cooped up in a cubicle or office all day, and so a blue collar job can be the right fit for them. Often with these jobs, you both think and work with your hands. It is not simply one or the other.

I used to be a lodge manager and a black regular, a retired gentleman, told me his belief that in the ghettos often the people who were intelligent and self aware, escaped into the military, union blue collar work or college, never to return to live, and that the gene pools in such areas had gotten shallow over time. America actually has a fairly strong black middle class, with a major gulf between them and the black ghetto poor.