Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


Other Christian
Possibly premeditated murder, but certainly negligent homicide at minimum.
What would the crime statistics really be in America, without the black contribution to them?

I suspect it is the bottom third of the black population, doing the vast majority of the serious crime among African-Americans. After all, one-third of black males have a felony.

Whites threw gasoline on black social dysfunction by creating the welfare system that rewards bad behavior and children born out of wedlock. But it also hurt white society.

As I have said before, no one dislikes poor criminally prone blacks more than hardworking, educated middle class blacks... I have seen this close up...

Times may have changed, but when I was a kid, to be a very light skinned black (usually meaning one parent was white) invited terrible verbal abuse at the hands of other black kids. From elementary school through high school, I witnessed light skinned black kids being horribly teased and bullied, and not by the white kids... I would like to think a light skinned black kid going to a very good school in an upscale neighborhood would be treated okay, but I have to wonder, even in 2020. But those going to an average or poor neighborhood school with lots of blacks... Oh, boy...