Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists



La Águila Negra

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I have no problem with this, in that it makes it easier for black people to identify with characters from the Bible.

I'd like to see an Asian version of Christ's disciples, and especially, a Korean one. ;)

It is disheartening that all sorts of leftist/identity politics talking points are trickling into Conservatives' frames everywhere

What you are doing is offering a cultural bribe. A symbolic taking a knee. Allowing afro-centric revisionist history to spread and divide. Pandering until there is nothing to pander anymore. Always giving in, never getting anything in return. Concession after concession. Now apparantly race obsessed liers should get their way because bleq feelz are more important than actual Biblical history

Obviously it doesn't stop there, it never does. For sure that in 15 years angry hordes of blacks will assert that the White man has stolen Jesus' identity and therefor - as long as he doesn't accept this as a fact - cannot be a Christian and should pay for the sins of his forefathers.

I'd say that if a black person can't come to terms with the fact that Jesús was an Arameic speaking Semite, and that some of his early followers were of pure European stock, then maybe the religion isn't for them