Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists






I wrote on another thread they I won't go to a gym anymore but rather to train at home due to covid restrictions, but that just a part of the reason. After going to my gym after three months of training at home, it was immediatelly obvious to me how distracting that enviroment is and how not conducive it is to a serious training. Im my home gym I have my own music or no music at all if i so desire and no other distractions. While resting between sets I'm solely focused on the next set and number of reps I aim for. I'm focused in the gym as well, but when your next to a hot female in tight leggin it drains your mental energy just to keep focus on the task at hand. I'm not surprised that in both lockdowns and had the best gains of my life.

Ngl, I sympathize with you but sometimes the hot women motivate me. :laughter: I know don't look at them, but hey them showing off their butt is no different to me wanting big muscles honestly. I'm single, so I know being healthy and having bigger muscles will attract a high quality mate so..

That being said, our society is so divorced from what traditional societies would have done. To think, during Tolstoy's time ballroom dancing was assumed to be a degenerate pasttime that led to adultery. Which it was.