Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


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Suck it up snowflake!!! A young boy died of hypothermia in Conroe, Tx in his own bedroom and a grandmother and her three children died in a fire in a residence to stay warm in Texas and you are worried about shitting in a bucket lined with a plastic bag!!!? If you were living in the early '30s anywhere on the globe not just in the USofA, or Texas, you wouldn't last a day.

Your parents aught to be ashamed of you. I know I would if I was your father.


Can someone give me a short explanation of the significance of the fedora? That’s one meme I always saw but never understood. Just a picture of a fat slob with a hat and the words “tips fedora.” I just assumed it had something to do with mocking pseudo intellectual gibberish.
It's a meme about internet atheists, who are often jokingly (but sadly accurately) described as fat slobby internet nerds who wear fedoras because they think that makes them attractive to girls.