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Head Of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Org Arrested For Child Porn.
MARCH 18, 2021

Brett Blomme – a former head of the Cream City LGBTQ+ Foundation which runs a Drag Queen Story Hour program – was arrested on charges of possession of child pornography.

Blomme, 38, was taken into custody “following an investigation into multiple uploads of child pornography through a Kik messaging application account in October and November 2020,” according to a statement.

I read on Gab that this guy had a gay partner and both had adopted two kids. Nightmare.

Milwaukee County Judge Brett Blomme arrested, faces charges of possession of child pornography

"...during the election, Blomme had to explain why he, his husband and their children live both in Milwaukee and the Madison area."

^ Anyone claiming to be surprised is lying or really really stupid
No No you don't understand. Because we normalized degeneracy we have to accept it. We can't admit we were wrong about trans and their mental issues and instability that would mean we were wrong. And pffttt who admits to their wrongs anymore? That's so 90s.
I haven’t been to Queensland for years but back in Australia a conservative gay man, seemingly guilty about his own sexuality, marched into a public library with others associated with the Qld Liberal National Party (actually the most conservative of all the “mainstream conservative” parties in Australia) and started saying, correctly, that Drag Queen Story Hour/Time was sinister.

He ended up killing himself on some suburban train tracks after a media shaming campaign. Christian conservative Lyle Shelton raised the point about how the drag queens included one “surnamed” “Good-Rim”. They’re not even hiding it:

Let’s hope the kiddies watching Drag Queen Storytime last Sunday don’t go exploring on Good-Rim’s Facebook page. Or ask their mum what "good rim" means in the wonderful world of drag queens.

Fancy a straight man’s chances of reading to kids at all without being called a pedophile or using a pseudonym like “Mayks Yew Deepthroat” or “Christian Shades-of-Grey”?