Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists

What is the context of that video?

A 17 year old Japanese Nationalist assassinated a pro-Soviet/Mao Communist on live television with a traditional short sword circa 1960. The killer was arrested and commited suicide by hanging in prison and became an anti-Communist martyr which started an effective campaign that helped drive the commies out of Japan.
Reddit moment:

^The comments are overwhelmingly in support of the guy. Nice to see it

Well, I dont know if you've noticed but everywhere where there is a comment section ever(besides soyditt), all the people are right leaning and are SICK AND TIRED OF:

1. muh burn loot murder
2. coof hoax
3. democrat bs
4. SJW agenda
5. tranni freaks

So, if the overwhelming majority of people are against these things, it is astonishing the power this minority of lunatics wields in society so as to steer its direction towards the cliff

The reality is that while the lunatic minority is ready to burn cities down and kill people, the reasonable right such as all these commentators which im pretty sure are actually the majority would never do such a thing, the only thing they ever do is write "based" hiding behind a nickname and a throwaway gmail account, and that is why the left will rule the next centuries

Nevertheless, the video above was satisfying