Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


Memorial Day is a good day to reflect on who our military has worked for for decades.

It should piss you off. Memorial Day should be a day of anger.
I do not agree. Its not about being angry. It is about enjoying the day and taking a moment in between normal life to recognize the people whom you served with whom are no longer here, or the family members/friends/acquaintances that are not here to celebrate with you.

I am sorry but this sort of sentiment to me usually implies someone has little to no actual connection and is just projecting what their political views are onto a day that is supposed to be about recognizing the dead.

I’ll tell you what I haven’t done...kill someone because I was “just following orders” in an immoral war.
also the real Memorial Day was on Sunday but it was moved so boomers could have a 3 day weekend.
The day its moved to is quite irrelevant. Its about memorializing the dead veterans. I shouldn't waste my time with you, but in an honest effort to educate I will say the following:

I suppose people who were drafted and had no choice should be mocked and ridiculed on a day that we are recognizing to celebrated their lives and recognize them. I think you are way out of your intellectual depth on what military service is actually about.

Do you know anyone who was killed in a war? I bet not. If so, you are carrying that same sentiment forward and applying that to them. Assuming you are not a 1st/2nd gen immigrant and are an America, this likely means you have family members somewhere in your family tree who were drafted and served. Memorial day is for them also.

It is one thing to say that the last several years of wars have been based off of a neo-con/ neo-liberal agenda and not benefit America in great degree. I can agree with that. Having participated in some of that, it is never as cut and dry as some internet turd commando states it. Its not like your average joe is going into the military to support Israel. One can absolutely argue that the wars should not have been fought. At the same time, if you cant separate that sentiment and the globohomo agenda from the individual serviceman, then I really dont know what to tell you other than it is pretty sad for you and your understanding of your fellow man.

Why would the Church pray for all servicemembers? It is pretty disgusting to mock the dead. You need to go to church and do a little soul searching as to what is within you that you're harboring such disdain for people whom really aren't the one's you're so mad at. Last I checked, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Barrack Obama, and their ilk never did anything to endanger themselves.

A person with a little class might let it go instead of doubling down... but hey that's your issue.
I suppose people who were drafted and had no choice should be mocked and ridiculed on a day that we are recognizing to celebrated their lives and recognize them. I think you are way out of your intellectual depth on what military service is actually about

This. It's easy to talk when you HAVE a choice, but when your ass is drafted and you are in a foreign country facing death everyday then it's a different story.

Everyone joins the military, today, for their own reasons. I respect the men and women who do it for their fellow citizen and it's their way of giving back. I know some join for the wrong reasons, but there are many who don't. How can you not respect someone who gave their life for yours when their intentions were pure and right?

It's like my cousin. He was a fighter pilot in the 1971 Indo - Pak war (Liberation of Bangladesh). From what I hear he was a good man. Loving, caring, respectful and would do anything for his nation. Lo and behold he was shot down and lost his life. He wasn't protecting India, he was there to liberate Bangladesh on the orders of the Indian government. Did they send him to his grave? No. He damn well knew why he jumped in that fighter everyday and he had a sense of duty. His intent was to protect and uphold what he held dear and those he held dear. There was some Indians talking smack about India's involvement in that war, stupid dribble. I asked them what skin their family had in the game, they said none whatsoever (no military service etc). Typical "hUrr duRR I rEad a bOoK wItH nO eXpErIeNcr nOw i kNow iT aLl" attitude.

The greatest thing a man can do is sacrifice his own live in good faith/love and intent for others. Wait a minute, this sounds familiar. Wasn't there a individual who sacrificed His own life for all of humanity knowing not everyone would love and follow him? I'm not saying my cousin or any human can compare to this man, but to follow His example is nothing but admirable.


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For the record, I don't support the forever wars started by Jews, neo-cons and sustained by the democratic party, but there's another message here that's worth repeating.
"You're welcome snowflakes"

They're not grateful. Stop pretending that they are on your side. They are as much of the bad people as the bad people you do bad things to, if worse. At least the bad people you do bad things to are open about it and have openly stated their criteria for ceasing from doing bad things to you, and it's as simple as GO HOME to your loving wife and kids.

Snowflakes have no such criteria. They just hate you and want you dead and your wife and kids raped and killed, and they think it's funny.


It's so cool that you posted this on Memorial Day. All the men who died in service to the US were such fools, even the ones who fought in wars before Israel was founded. They were still just suckers for the Jews, and certainly don't deserve any remembrance or respect.
Take a look in the mirror before you call others fools. I don't care where you're from but don't talk ish about the dead. It's not our place


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Wait, is this real or from the bee?