Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


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Max Roscoe

Christian dystopia eh? You are living in The Great Satan and they tweak two small things and it's a Christian Dystopia?
This person has no idea what a forced Christian society would look like, but not being able to do your occasional abortion or Gay fornication app would be a miniscule part of it.

I really enjoyed watching the first season of the feminist novel that Netflix televised called The Handmaid's Tale, specifically because it was a peek into how "they" view a right wing, masculine, Christian nation. The premise is that some evil group of conservative men overthrow the US government and take power, and they proceed to....
Preserve the environment
Outlaw promiscuity
Enforce family procreation
Institute chaste clothing
Match strong, successful, driven men up with youthful virgins
Pray a lot

I kept watching the series and laughing at the supposed "bad guys" who I kept agreeing with every single time. The main character keeps having flashbacks to her previous life where she had a race mixing relationship with a man she committed adultery with, and she is usually smoking cigarettes and cursing during the flashback scenes. To me it could not have been clearer that the bad guys "saved" her, and I guess the audience agreed, because in the next season they had to add a lot more weird / creepy / absurd stuff to *really* make the Christian leaders look evil.

They would also do group slut-shaming counseling sessions, and teach the women as a group how to be more feminine.
They correctly identified that the best way to make women more chaste was to make that a value that other women will compete over and enforce.

They had to do a similar thing with Man In The High Castle because people were looking at the alternative history view of America run by Nazis and thinking "Hmm, looks pretty nice" in season one, so then they had to really change the following seasons to make it clear that no, the Nazis were actually supposed to be the bad guys.
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