Memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists


plant life is living matter.
vegans are hypocrites.
animal life. plant life.
life has a purpose.
man has dominion over it.
vegans deny nature.
the nature of things.
the sacrifice.
i think vegans are scared of death.
veganism is atheistic.

i don't see value in
naming and counting vitamins either.
how can you measure the value of life?


Orthodox Inquirer
Funny but easily proven wrong by the fact that carrots are loaded with vitamin A and potatoes have a lot of B6. I didn't look up the others, but I am sure with careful planning one can get most of their essential vitamins from a vegan diet although it won't be as easy as with a non-vegan diet because you are limiting your options.
Carrots containe vitamin A precursor - beta karoten. Most people are not able to convert beta karoten into vitamin A efficiently. Bio-availability of vitamins and minerals in vegetables is much lower than it is in animal products. It is about what your body can effectivelly use.


Other Christian
and when you know that the quote is made up, the irony rises to whole another level :laughter:


The math is off in the caption (nobody is working 56 weeks a year) but otherwise good points....especially the part about men volunteering their time and skilled labor to help build cathedrals and other structures to glorify God. Can't be having that, can we?
The caption was nearly, but true. I think a lot of right leaning memes go abit too far in exaggerating the point which sometimes makes it easy for NPC's to dismiss. Would be better if everyone just stuck to the real numbers.